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Up, Simba & Modern Politics

Throughout the essay, Wallace is critiquing the way modern politics has evolved. For example, he says that the majority of voters are statistically young (18-35), and the way that the candidates portray themselves is something that is extremely important, and they need to be selfless throughout their entire life.  229 more words

How Tracy Austin Broke My Heart (Short Analysis)

There were many things that the author was saying about our relationship with modern sport stars. For example, it was said throughout that each person looked up to sport stars, that they wanted to be just like them, especially the author. 109 more words

Wild Rice Salad w. Candy Striped Beets, Hard Boiled Egg & Sesame-Ginger Vinaigrette

I improvised this salad for a client today and felt pretty damn good about it.  The above photo makes it look a little like a weird concoction you might find in your Grandmother’s fridge, but I swear to you this salad is a thing of beauty.  599 more words


Eat with Your Kids

We ate dinner, prepared by my mother, as a family virtually every night of my childhood. Mom, Dad, little brother, little sister and me. Seated around a table, assuming our family roles, bickering, fidgeting, conversing, engaging and of course, eating. 1,069 more words