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'About a Boy' recap: Houses of lies

Season 2 | Episode 10 | “About a Boy Becoming a Man” | Aired Jan 13, 2014

While I was on vacation last week it seems I missed an important… 1,001 more words

How does NBC's 'About a Boy' compare to the 2002 movie?

For those of you who have become addicted to NBC’s heartwarming and refreshing comedy About a Boy, you might not realize that it’s actually a remake of a 2002 movie (as well as the 1998… 888 more words

'About a Boy' recap: The Grinch who stole Will's Christmas

Episode 8 | Season 2 | “About a Christmas Carol” | Aired Dec 9, 2014

This time of year, we’re typically bombarded with TV shows attempting to put an original spin on… 976 more words

Quantum Physics murder mystery...

A techno thriller duology that mixes murder and quantum physics – that sounds both mental and intriguing! Coming from the mind of David Walton, Superposition… 140 more words

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'About a Boy' recap: She's gonna uke

Season 2 | Episode 7 | “About a Duck” | Aired Dec 2, 2014

I imagine one of the writers of About a Boy pitching this simple idea one day: Will and Fiona go on a double date. 926 more words