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Facts vs. Reality

I watched a TV show that debunks the claims of various historical legends. The host took great delight in pointing out that one of my boyhood heroes, Davy Crockett, didn’t actually die swinging his favorite musket ‘Ole Bess’ in the Alamo. 175 more words

Random Thoughts

This Day in Disney History January 26th

1945-Donald Duck cartoon The Clock Watcher is released.

1955-Television show Davy Crockett Goes to Congress starring Fess Parker and Buddy Ebson airs.

1964-Part 1 of television series… 117 more words


Remember the Alamo, the Maine, and...

As president in 1905, TR, in carriage at left, revisits Alamo Square (Getty Images).

If you can bear with me through another post about the Rough Riders, you may find some light-shedding information on Crockett and Roosevelt, the Alamo and Kettle Hill, and things that pull unlikely people together. 1,118 more words

Theodore Roosevelt

King of the Wild Frontier ... Man Crush #1

Count me in.

Tossing my warm ‘n fuzzy beret in the ring at Linda Hill’s Jots for January.

Flinging my who’s-your-Man-Crush cap into the wide open blogosphere. 408 more words



United States Volunteers.  How many times in our country’s history have men volunteered to raise an entire military unit?  Minute Men?  Davy Crockett’s men?  Rough Riders?  570 more words

Theodore Roosevelt

Just Can't Get Enough Pt. 11

I believe a lot of discovering great new music to listen to is up to happy mistakes. Not everyone is lucky enough to have friends that could ever recommend a good band. 410 more words

Just Can't Get Enough

December 21st is Forefathers' Day

This quote is often associated with Christopher Columbus who set out in 1492 with 3 ships to find a shorter route to Asia.  It should also be applied to the pilgrims… 356 more words