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In the Sun: Chapter 10

Teldryn knelt down to investigate the corpse sprawled out in front of the entrance, his hand releasing the hilt of his sword so he could roll the corpse over. 5,796 more words

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In the Sun: Chapter 9

If it wasn’t for the crude, cockeyed sign that was shoved into the earth near the entrance to Dayspring Canyon, Indis and Teldryn would have missed their exit. 3,925 more words

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In the Sun: Chapter 8

A few fleeting days after departing from Raven Rock, a small, cramped ship that carried Indis and Teldryn back to Skyrim. It deftly maneuvered around the chunks of ice that dotted the Sea of Ghosts and safely deposited them back on the icy docks of Windhelm. 3,928 more words

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Lets Go Skyrim !! #1 -- Getting Killed In New Game

Lets Go Skyrim !! #1 — Getting killed in new game


Hey Bros!!! Today i found a new game which is skyrim and its pretty nice and fun the graphics are great and although some parts of the game pisses me off but still this game is great also Thanks for supporting me by watching the videos i had made so long hope u had fun in watching them and also do like,subscribe or tell me about what should i improve thanks below are links to my website please do visit :D… 44 more words


If you were only allowed one game for a year what would it be?

If I was only allowed to play a single video game for the year, it’d have to be Skyrim hands down. Every time I pick that controller up I’m transported away to a world where I can be whoever I desire. 1,096 more words

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A strange land – 1

She woke up in a carriage. She blinked a couple of times and then looked towards a voice. An obnoxious voice which kept on talking to someone, to everyone. 563 more words

A Tale Of Dreams And Dragons