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Beyond the Grave

When we left off, I had dealt with the Moth Priest bug, and was then sent on my way to find the other two Elder Scrolls needed to hear the rest of the prophecy. 1,111 more words


The State of the Game #17

I’ve already covered most of what I’ve been playing this week, but I do have some updates for those games and some commentary on a couple of things I haven’t yet mentioned. 944 more words


Deeper into Dawnguard

When we left off, I had just released the “mysterious woman” from her prison. This mysterious woman turned out to be a vampire named Serana, and had possession of an Elder Scroll. 1,076 more words


Paintribution of Scyrah - Dawnguard Invictors

At last! The ordeal of painting the white armour plates of my Dawnguard Invictors has come to a close.They were the first unit I bought when I first started playing Warmachine almost 2 years ago.   145 more words