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Notes From Underground: In a 70th Anniversary Redo, I SAY NUTS to Global Financial Markets

First, as the clouds of sadness begin to lift I want to thank all of those who took time to send a note to the blog and to me in emails for the condolences on the passing of my mentor and friend. 837 more words


Getting Dimension values from Default Dimension

From the below  we can get all the Default Dimension values:

DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage dimStorage;
Counter i;
str returnValue;
RefRecId defaultdim;

defaultdim = this.DefaultDimension;

dimStorage = DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage::find(defaultdim); 30 more words


Form Templates In AX

Below are the Form Templates widely in ax 2012.
Lets look at this now..

  • ListPage
  • DetailsFormMaster
  • DetailsFormTransaction
  • SimpleListDetails
  • SimpleList
  • TableOfContents
  • Dialog
  • DropDialog

Let us look at these in more details. 440 more words


Excel Import with Dialog

static void FixedAssetImport(Args _args)
Dialog dialog;
Filename filename;
DialogField dialogFilename;
//To filter the files while selecting
container conFilter = [“Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet (.xls)” ,”*.xlsx”]; 181 more words


Friday’s Retrospective – 12 December 2014

Last week equity markets experienced a bumpy ride with major global indices unexpectedly falling after the drop in oil price. Lower oil price could mean higher savings for consumers which in turn can improve the sentiment across the globe but it also mean trouble especially for Europe who is on the edge of deflation. 165 more words


Weekend Market Update: December 15th, 2014 - Patience Rewarded

I woke up this morning to find the folks of Sydney being attacked by a terrorist. I hope my friends are safe and well and this stand-off ends peacefully.  787 more words