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Kristen Bell Pregnancy Style / Galaxy Tab S

Kristen Bell has been a fave of mine since her days on TV as Veronica Mars and then playing Elle in Heroes (Which I will ALWAYS say needs to come on back). 225 more words


Passing Multiple Records from one form to another through Args in Dynamics Ax 2012

The Scenario is when I select multiple grids in Form A, those records will be passed to FormB and there FormB will received the all those records and filter it and will show. 231 more words


Passing Args from one Form to another Form in dynamics Ax 2012

Args concept in dynamics ax is awesome. one can easily pass arguments from one Form to another Form with very less effort. Here, i am going to demonstrate how to pass Arguments from Form to Form. 180 more words


Query through X++

static void Query(Args _args)
Query query;
QueryBuildDataSource qbds;
QueryBuildRange qbr;
QueryRun qr;
CustTable custTable;
CustTrans custTrans;
//Creating a query object
query = new Query(); 58 more words


DAX and Footsie show resilience

Germany’s DAX is retracing in a flag pattern after several weeks of healthy advance. Rising 21-day Twiggs Money Flow indicates medium-term buying pressure. Continuation is likely and breach of resistance at 9800 would indicate another test of 10000. 102 more words

Stock Markets

Coloring Grids in DAX

Coloring Grids in DAX

Heres some tips on how to color Grid Cells / rows in DAX. Ive used the prodTable form as an example.The code must be placed in the displayOption() method of the datasource. 218 more words


German growth prospects - the ECB and Russian gas

Macro Letter – No 19 – 12-09-2014

German growth prospects – the ECB and Russian gas