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Day 15. What would you like to say to the mangaka, Fujimaki Tadatoshi, if you get to meet him?

Mình chỉ muốn nói những thay đổi đã được nhắc tới ở day 10day 11 thôi.

Gif dễ thương phố hôm :”> Credit: x

Nhảm Nhí

Day 15/30 - Where Will I Be In 5 Years Time?

Sorry for the lack of blogging! I’ve been the worst blogger this week really!!

5 years time it will be 2019 and I will be 25/26… 85 more words

Photo 101 Day 15- Landscape

One of the many lakes in the area of Snowdonia.

Photo 101 Day 14- Swarm

Swarms of seagulls attempting to steal some of the fishermen’s catch.


I was terribly disappointed not being able to participate in yesterday’s challenge but rest assured I will have a delayed posting.
This photo was taken over the summer on a spontaneous day trip to Washington DC. 46 more words


Color palettes

Tonight I played with some color palettes.



Misty Sunrise



Day Fifteen

Halfway there!! To everyone participating in NaNoWriMo, we can do this!! We’re over the hill and ready to start climbing to the finish line.

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about this. 90 more words