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More Exploring, Norwegian Academics, and Free Time

Whoops, I forgot to write that follow-up post regarding the content that I had originally written about and then lost in my previous post… Sorry, y’all. 1,079 more words

International Student

Pierce the Veil Challenge: Day 15

Pierce the Veil…..

Why do I love you guys? You’ve just always been there. I know that I will always have your songs and you to help me. 196 more words


30 Day Squat Challenge Day 12-20

So, once again I’ve been horrible about blogging about the experience. Sadly, I have also realized that without blogging about the experience I have lost most of my drive to complete this challenge. 307 more words


100 Happy Days- Day 15:


The Lamb is more and more mobile everyday! Today she managed to escape to the bathroom and the kitchen and almost had a tasty lunch of cat biscuits! 22 more words

100 Happy Days

Day 15

Recipes featured: Kaitie and Blaine’s Red Potato Goulash

Half way point, yeah!

  • 2 very ugly sunnyside up eggs
  • very ugly hashbrowns
Whole 30

First day of my internship

Day 15

Today it was a bit rainy outside walking to class but it was just about the only bad day of weather we have had while over here. 1,009 more words

Anime 30 Day Challenge: Day 15 Of 30

Day 15: Favorite Anime Sidekick, Pet Or Summoning From Any Anime

My favorite animal sidekick would have to be happy from Fairy Tail! He is really funny so he has great comedic timing but he can also be brave. 65 more words