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Self Care Day 15: Green Smoothies

Self Care Day 15: Green Smoothies

One year ago, with growing curiosity around other people’s enthusiasm for this practice, I introduced green smoothies into our diets at home. 229 more words


Left-behind Takeout

the food trucks are parked,
lined up in a square
around once-vibrant flower gardens
at Civic Center park.

eat Local, buy Local,
whatever you are in the mood for: 93 more words


day 15: you keep thinking about worst-case scenarios

I think it’s just in our nature as humans to plan for the worst so that we’re pleasantly surprised when the worst doesn’t happen. It hurts less when we expect it, right? 258 more words



Do you wear blush?

YES!! I love pink blushes so much because it makes my face look brighter and happier haha. I just feel incomplete when blush is missing in my makeup routine. 6 more words


Day 15 - DH Robin's with Knot

This week, we jump into the world of long wraps!  Using a long wrap can be overwhelming to some people (it is 5 meters of fabric, after all), but it makes for insanely secure carries.   323 more words


Day 15 - 30 in 30 Challenge - Treats?

It’s not too early to ask for treats, is it? This face is seriously requesting your assistance in the treat department.

Today, we’re half-way through the 30 in 30 Challenge. 25 more words


100 days of my dog. Day 15

So today we took Pepsi on a trip to our closest beach, and walked her all around Weymouth. Sadly she had to stay on a lead as to many dogs around, but she didn’t cause much fuss, she just walked around sniffing only partly noticing the other dogs, which is another good sign, she is getting over her fear of dogs. 157 more words

100 Days Of My Dog