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Your gunna miss me when I'm gone

I think the title says it all. Where to begin. Like fuck me haha I am soo hungover. What else is new though. Got home around 7 pm this evening. 208 more words

Day 2 Day

Sailing away with the Captain w/ small Icecubes

Hahaha so my friend and I polished off the beer soo I happen to be one of those people that carries around little bottle of booze in her purse haha. 21 more words

Day 2 Day

Big ball of tape & Dancing

At a friends place watching girly dancing movies hahahha :-) then gunna kick his ass playing call of duty. Got great news to to share. So ill let you guys know later. 29 more words

Day 2 Day

What does the fox say

Ylvis – The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Officia…: http://youtu.be/jofNR_WkoCE

This video and song is sooo fucking stupid hahah but so worth watching. Just cuz.

Day 2 Day

Alexx Calise - Break Me Video

I stumbled upon her on youtube watching Legend of the Seeker tributes actually haha.
She is amazing and I lover her voice. Another one is Touch my…hey by her. Very good song.

Day 2 Day

Passenger - Let Her Go

I am in love with this vieo and song. There is a reason why it has over 200 million views.

Day 2 Day

What I've been up to in the last one week...that's if you want to know... :)

Exactly one week ago, I packed up, and left chilly Greenhithe for 28 degrees plus temperatures in Abuja, Nigeria, my home for the next month and a bit. 659 more words

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