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Burning you up & downing some Jack

Alrighty then. Well heres how I have been. I have constantly been having dreams about burning my boss alive and biting my toungue haha. So I am the manager of a turkish Mediterranean restaurant now in edmonton and the owner is turkish his name is Demi thinks hes all shit and hes god gifts to women like fuck me. 192 more words

Day 2 Day

In love with this song

lay of the bridgeburners: http://youtu.be/ZtOG7_X76zc

The Malazan Books of the fallen have been my bible for 4 years. No better read

Day 2 Day

Eskimos up so far on Blue Bombers

The Eskimos are up on the Montreal Blue Bombers!!! Our team looks great this year. About fucking time too.

Day 2 Day

Allen Christie Band


Alright alright I know I know I know. Anyways this was the guy I was caught with sneaking out of his hotel room hahah at the resort. 61 more words

Day 2 Day

Eli Roth knows I exist

Check out @SamanthaQuilley’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/SamanthaQuilley/status/488768155808849920

Kkkk so I have been watching Hemlock Grove and I love it. So alluring and captivating its just fantastic. So I tweeted about it and Eli Roth….if yall dont know who he is fuck off….favorited & retweeted my tweeted. Hahaha love it.

Day 2 Day