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Day 25

Hard to believe I’ve been here for like a month and a half! Quiet day today. Not workwise, volume wise. Kerry left early, so it’s just been me and Gala downstairs. 111 more words


60th post

You know what that means, this will be a rededication of the blog prayer.

God, you are great and mighty. You are holy, you are glorious, you are set apart, you are God. 187 more words


A Huge Regret

Hey everybody! Today I’m continuing my thirty day blogging challenge with day twenty-five. 

Day Twenty-Five: Your Biggest Regret

A regret is something that helps you learn and move on with life. 78 more words

Thirty Day Blogging Challenge 2014

Blog Challenge - Day 25: Your Favorite Recipe & Comfort Food

It has been a very long week and I am so glad that it is now the weekend.

This week’s weather was alternating between gloomy and rainy. 400 more words

Photo - Blog Challenge

Day 25 – Starvation

I’m amazed at how badass you mom is. I can’t even start to imagine how hard it must’ve been for her when she was all alone in Canada. 492 more words

Day 25 - All Work

Surprisingly, today flew by really quickly even though it was a Monday. I told you before how I had a big binder full of data to enter right? 407 more words

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 25 Favourite form of cardio 

My favourite form of cardio is running.  I love going out for a run and just forgetting everything.  Its a good way to think things through and just get my head showered.   25 more words