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Intracloud lightening, and a message I hope everyone hears me loud and clear on.

I had a phenomenal day today.
But even still, I have something I’d like everyone to hear. Jump to 2:58 (<or click there) if you’d like to just hear what the message is. 58 more words

The Keen Peach Power 30: Day 24!

Hey Guys!

It felt so good to get back in the gym this morning for Leg Day.

Leg Day

4 sets of 10-12 reps for each exercise  272 more words


Day Twenty-Five

Use the first line of the last song you listened to as the first sentence of your post. Prompt from The Daily Post, using the line “Only you can do something about it.” from Kate Bush’s… 776 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge

Day Twenty Five

Day off in Iowa city. 0 miles!

Basically bummed about town not doing much. We ate at a nice breakfast place Craig recommended.

It’s my birthday in a week so I treated myself – (with inspiration from Craig bicycle) I bought a brand new Dynamo wheel – generates power to a powerful bicycle light AND a USB device too. 114 more words

Day 25


Somehow I get to take   two vacations this year.  One to Florida (pictured) and one to NC (coming soon).  I really enjoy the chance to spend time with family and hope I can really enjoy it.   48 more words

100 Day Challenge

DAY 25 - what made your day special

Brunch with my mom and aunt. We went to this place called Breakfast Club and I ordered a huge Belgian waffle with mixed fruits on top. 8 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge


Here we stand

in the pistachio-flavored gloaming

heavy and a little bit rich

your pebbled skin stretched taut over

skeletal arms–textured varnish–

we’ve yet to weather our first storm… 42 more words