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Tutorial: Modifying embedded content using HTML + Adding data visualizations

Once you’ve embedded any audio, video or photos on your site, you’ll notice that the content is embedded at a specific size and style on your page. 305 more words

Day 26

Workshop: Web Dev. 5

Please take today’s class to continue:

  • Adding + formatting content to/on your site
  • Cleaning up your CSS
Day 26

Homework- Due December 2nd

For our next class following Thanksgiving break you should bring:

  • Your site, near completion
  • A list of ANY AND ALL questions regarding your final project, so I can address each one in class…
  • 40 more words

Day 26: An Old Photo of Me


My cousin sent me this picture the other day; apparently, while going through my nana’s old boxes, she found a wallet that nana kept with all of her grandkids pictures in them. 276 more words


Transformation Tuesday: 12 Of Diddy's Best Moments Over The Years (PHOTOS)

When we speak of entertainment moguls, Diddy pretty much embodies the term. The man has done it all.

He was one of the first few people to venture into reality TV with  120 more words


Day 26: Moon River

Standard Tuning

Capo on 1st fret

C     Am    Fmaj7         C
Moon River, wider than a mile
Fmaj7                C        Bm7-5  E7
I’m crossing you in style some day… 73 more words



Day 26: What is one truth about your life so far?

Soulmates exist in our world and each person has their own soulmate, or maybe even more than one. 105 more words