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Day 26

Sue taught me to do petty cash today, you learn something new every day! I also got my second payslip, it’s like 2 and a half week early since Sue is going on holiday.  90 more words


Blog Challenge - Day 26: A Difficult Time in Your Life

Before I became a Mom, I thought that the most difficult time in my life was when I lost my Dad. Before that, I thought that the most difficult time was getting the job that I really want (well, ideal job, that is. 376 more words

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Camp Nano - Day 11 to 26...Boy oh boy...

Day 26 at Camp Nano and only 6 days remaining to hit my 20,000 words target.

I have been really bad for the past two weeks but I kinda expected it. 477 more words

Creative Writing

Day 26 –Strange Foods

Today was a lazy day, both Dad and I were pretty drained after such an eventful trip. We spent the majority of the day sleeping and resting up. 795 more words

30 Day Fitness Challnge

Day 26 – 5 things that you love about yourself

1 – I love how laid back I am.  Very rarely do I get stressed out  59 more words

Day 26 - Heat

Your boys night out sounded like a really exciting and fun night! And the Polaroids were super cute. My babe looked so good hehe. It must have been so cool telling others about your life and experiences in Canada, and I can imagine how interested the others in the restaurant were while listening to you guys. 433 more words

Rain, rain and more rain with added work.

Its raining!

And pouring!

And I keep forgetting to bring a brolly…

My work plan for the next 2 months.

Day 26