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Day 26 - Home cooking

Home cooking, especially when one is forced to be indoors, is a great thing. A lovely thing! Photo of the day shows my dinner. Beetroot-halloumi-salad. Excellent taste and I would imagine rather healthy as well.. 8 more words


Anime 30 Day Challenge: Day 26 Of 30

Day 26: Best Anime Fight?

As always there are just way to many fights in anime that I’ve seen to try to narrow it down to one but of course I had to. 106 more words


Almost called it a Whole26

I called in sick today. Actually, I went in late because I woke up sick but then felt better, then felt sick at work and had to come home. 287 more words

Day 26 - Bertha

As much as I like winter and snow, the one thing I don’t enjoy as much any more is snow removal. Shoveling is for the most part not fun anymore. 199 more words

365 Day Challenge

30 DMC: Day 26

Day 26 – Worst Album of 2014

This post will remain short since I don’t usually listen to the albums which doesn’t sound good to me. 101 more words


Day 26

365-day music challenge: day 26/365 – One of the tops songs from the year you were born.

Oh, 1998. What a strange year for music. I mean, I don’t personally remember it for obvious reasons, but I looked at the Top 100 chart. 247 more words


Day 26: Carl Makes Clarinet Magic

Even a skunk can make sweet sounds!

The clarinet was my first real instrument (I did dabble a little on piano and recorder before that, but does that count?) Anyway,  when I joined band in 4th grade (age 9) I originally wanted  to play the trumpet, but that only lasted a couple of weeks.   158 more words