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Day 27: A Book That Makes You Laugh Out Loud

I’m going to cheat a little. I’m going to say anything by Rick Riordan always makes me laugh. I love his books, his character, and his humour!

30 Day Challenge

Quitting Drinking (cutting back)

I like drinking.  Not for getting drunk (usually) or being ridiculous.  I legitimately like the taste of various drinks. Complex beer, wine, and liquor is good.   102 more words

100 Day Challenge

Day Twenty Seven

Miles cycled today: 95 miles.

We paced it today! We woke up relatively early but Billy was still feeling poorly.

He decided he wanted to cycle instead of renting a car. 245 more words

Day 27

DAY 27 - how you envision your life to be

Wow. To be honest, I do have a somewhat clear vision of how is like my life to turn out. But sometimes, I worry that it will take me a while to get where I want or I worry that maybe I might not ever get what I imagined for myself. 146 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge


Whoever taught you hearts were shoot to kill

should be taken out back and shot.

In the heart, preferably.

I’ve got an itchy trigger finger… 62 more words


Day 27 Magang di Duxeos Software House (8 Agustus 2014)

Hari ini pertama briefing dulu , untuk menyampaikan yang akan kita jalankan untuk hari ini, dan hari ini targetnya adalah membuat proposal, melanjutkan analisa sistem. 214 more words

Day 27