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Day 28 - Asparagus

Home-cooking once more. Asparagus, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese. Simple yet delightful.

Photo specs

  • ƒ/2.5
  • 35.6 mm
  • 1/20s
  • iso 1250

Day 28 - Seasoning Cast Iron (A How To from Alex)

Hello Yearlings!

Today I was stumped for something to for the blog, so I decided to turn to my boyfriend for some advice. I think that he might have been Amish in a past life, because he as a sense of pragmatism that has been bred into his bones. 404 more words

365 Blog

Day 27 - Lunch

My daughter currently lives in Seattle, and when she comes home for a visit (we are on the east coast) she always brings Smoked Salmon for us. 205 more words

365 Day Challenge

Wriggles and Giggles!

I had planned to go for a run this evening, but I would’ve been on my own and it was really cold and really dark and I quite quickly persuaded myself not to go! 133 more words


Day 28

365-day music challenge: Day 28/365 – A song you change the words to when you sing it.

Alright, so this one comes with a bit of a joke. 234 more words


Day 28: Acappella Birdies

These birds want to sing, but there’s no one to play!

a cap•pel•la

(ˌɑ kəˈpɛl ə)
adv., adj.

without instrumental accompaniment. 8 more words

Prepare my hands to receive your blessings

Day 28

Someone shared with me that when we pray we should stretch out our hands. First with our palms down, symbolizing that we have a light grip on the things of our life. 376 more words