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Day 28: Most Thought-Provoking Book

I know this is kind of cheating again (bad Alicia !), but I’m actually going to go with a textbook on this one. This was a text that was used in my second year Criticism II class and I found it really interesting. 137 more words

30 Day Challenge


An excerpt from UMC Lead:

“We believe that the church, particularly our United Methodist Church, can’t sit this one out. The world is literally watching. We are waiting for answers and looking for people of faith to ask the right questions. 82 more words

100 Day Challenge

Day Twenty Eight

We did 100 miles today!! First century of the trip yeah!

Woke up to the sound of rain. Lovely. Always sounds worse in the tent though. 370 more words

Day 28

DAY 28 - what do you want

I hate to say this, but I want a lot of things. Material things or otherwise. I want more FAFSA money to pay for school. I want to transition smoothly and not be nervous about moving. 75 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge


red chases an orange tail

green barks angrily

white slumbers at blue’s feet

streaks walk out; snaking,

scattered before running into a

harsh line–

peripeteia– 36 more words


Day 28 Magang di Duxeos Software House (9 Agustus 2014)

Yap dihari ini saya melanjutkan tugas yang kemarin, setelah kemarin merancang ERD dan databasenya hari ini saya kebagian tugas untuk membuat usecae dan activity diagramnya. Untuk membuatnya saya menggunakan star UML. 189 more words

Day 28

100 Days Project: Day 28


Day 28: 11th hour

The title explains it all. I am uploading this one at 11.30 and have just gone for a walk outside to get a photo for today. 92 more words

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