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fourth day

The fourth day was interesting and educational. There were good presentations on our colleagues.Presentation learn us how to work with program Excel and how to make puzzle on it . 85 more words

Day 4

Reflection - Day 4

Today began with a lot of concern because the presentation of my group stay. It was very difficult to stand in front of everyone and talk. 106 more words

Day 4

Day #4: Assessment, assessment, assessment

Today was everything about assessments. We started with lecture Assessment in active learning – didactical and technological issues and Assessment tools and interactive self-learning materials by the Tuparov family. 126 more words

Day 4

Reflections day four

Today students were supposed to put marks on the activity of the members of their workgroup, and in this context one of the teachers in a comment said that even if we do not like it, once in a while we will have to give negative feedback or comments when that is called for. 50 more words

Teacher Practices

Day 4 - Reflections

The fourth day included a lot of presentations and new information.

First, D. Tuparova had a presentation about “Assessment in active learning”. I learned about the six questions of assessment, which is quite relevant for my education. 241 more words

Day 4

Reflection. The forth day.

The forth day was very productive for me.

In my reflection I would like to focus on the afternoon presentations of the Bulgarian students M.Stoyanov and S.Vladimiriv about Assessment through MS Excel. 184 more words

Teacher Practices

My 4 day reflections

The day started with very useful lesson. I learnt new software to make teaching interesting to the child. It was really helpful, because nowadays to “win” the attention of the student you have to be more and more attractive, interactive. 283 more words

Teacher Practices