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Day 47/100 Days of Creativity: Japanese School Girls

Sharlene idly watched the food train go pass. She needed a sugar fix to help her forget the worst day ever, and nothing on the food train seemed to appeal. 161 more words

100 Days Of Creativity Project

Day 47 Character Day 5 Tacky

While it’s only seems fair that I would include some of the children’s books that really got me started in a love of reading, there could really only be one. 236 more words

Who Am I?

Day 47: I've been a BAD girl

Day 47, I’ve been a BAD girl. This week has been really really hard. I’ve been super busy with work and extremely exhausted – not to mention the… 504 more words

Day 47: distractions

I’ll have so much to keep me distracted soon enough, that I’ll stop worrying about these petty things.

365 Day Challenge

Day 47: 365 Grateful, nature magic

I am grateful for magic in nature. This morning when I was sitting on the couch enjoying coffee I caught a light in my peripheral…a crystal/magnified light from an icicle. How cool!

365 Grateful