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Day 67

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND! Today, Candace finally turns 21! That means she now gets to go out with us! I have to go to work, but we are going to LA Live to have dinner. 215 more words

Day 67 — The Bible in 90 Days

Ezra falls on his knees and prays to God – Gustave Dore
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Today’s reading: Entire Reading in One Link.

Ezra 7-10
Nehemiah 1-10

90 Days

"It is not the lack of time that I fear,

…as much as it is the squandering of that which I’ve been given.”

So, I’ve been a little bit busy. And by a little bit, I mean in the span of the near month that I haven’t updated, I’ve done two more trips, completed stage 1 of my 4+ year research project, and I’m currently prepping for my last week of class, inclusive of Finals, presentations, and papers.

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