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Cutting off puppy's body parts... NOT cruelty??

This morning I came across an article on a local newspaper which really disgusted me. I mean really, how can certain people be so bloody STUPID and cruel?? 440 more words


Strangers in Cadiar 20

The summer of 2009 was incredibly hot with high humidity levels. This made it difficult to work much during the middle of the day. We used to stop around 2 o’clock, eat and then have a siesta until about 5. 661 more words


New ticket deal for Victoria Art Gallery.

Solar panels to ease the lighting bill and a rooftop café are just two of the possibilities opening up for Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery as it takes a long hard look at its future prospects. 569 more words

Day By Day

Thank you, Noeleen.

The irony of this post is uncanny.

Just last night I was watching soulpancake videos on youtube.

Note: SoulPancake is a youtube team that makes videos to educate and make people feel good, by sharing videos from “Man on the street” where they ask random people in the street questions to open their, and our minds; to videos called “My last days” a mini-documentary series about people, who truly are, living out their last days. 478 more words


Day 2 : Si Kucel Berbatik Biru

Ruang 24, 27 November 2014

10.00 am.

Hari pertama bertemu setelah malam kesepakatan.

Ah, kenapa kamu pakai baju batik biru-hijau itu lagi? Mungkin kamu nggak pernah tanya pendapatku, tapi ijinkan aku mengomentari cara berpakaianmu sekali ini saja. 177 more words