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Day 3: Zumba is still fabulous

To be brutally honest, I wasn’t sure if I could actually do cardio today. My thighs still hurt with every step, and going dealing with staircases just made me want to crawl into a television screen on the first floor and hopefully out the correct screen, The Ring style. 335 more words

Post No.179 : There is No Such a Thing Such as Coincidence

hari ini mungkin bisa gw bilang sebagai hari kebetulan sedunia..
meskipun setelah gw pikir lagi,
ga pernah ada tuh hal yang namanya kebetulan..
karena apa ya? 587 more words

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Day 29. Yesterday

*** 54.8 kg  ***  21 years  *** almost raw  ***

Yesterday’s exam went fine. I probably failed, as expected, the results would be confirmed in several days. 169 more words

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Nike Women's Marathon (2010)

In the rare instances where I write about doing any form of cardio, I think I invariably mention how much I hate it. This was not always the case. 1,327 more words

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across the field of khorasan

the voices of my sisters,

across the field of khorasan.

the blood of my brothers,

who fought from dusk ’till dawn.

will we walk together, 13 more words

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I work most of the time in the school’s “kitchen” with the cook, Beatrice. We use very rudimentary skills and all of our utensils and pots are old, broken, or otherwise useless. 78 more words

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