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Day 1

So today is my first full day on the Isagenix system. It’s been interesting. I’m not actually as hungry as I thought I would be. The only real complaint I have is that my head hurts quite badly. 269 more words

Day By Day

Day 5

I dropped off your clothes this morning. I didn’t want to have them anymore. It was making me way too sad. As i was walking up your driveway i saw your mom. 717 more words

Day By Day


Buoyant little butterfly
spreads her silken wings
flinging joy where ‘er she lights.

Chess 7/22/14

Day By Day

Making it look easy: a brief history of dysfunctional drinking

In a private conversation with a friend who reads this blog the other day, I learned that I was making this sobriety thing look easy.  It was meant as a compliment. 1,110 more words


Day 4

Nothing hurts more than losing you. There’s no pain i could inflict on myself that could represent how much you hurt me. All i can do is try to numb it. 873 more words

Day By Day

Day Two - Mirwat to Dinant

Day Two started with a later than hoped departure but that was due to the fact that the hotel didn’t serve breakfast until 8.30 and there was no way we were going anywhere until we’d stocked up on food and a much needed caffeine intake! 1,002 more words


Officially Official

Well I’ve been eluding to this fact for quite some time, but now I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is officially official… 381 more words

Day By Day