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I used to not have fantasies, or if I did, they were very PG. I’d get really embarrassed even just thinking about sex. My relationship with BD began when I was 19, newly secular, with religious residue that made me very much a prude. 560 more words


Adventures of Windi West: A Dragon's Tale

Adventures of Windi West: A Dragons Tale

There once lived a girl that was born Duct Taped to a Dragon.
Go ahead, read it again………. 1,462 more words


The Day Dreamer

The little innocent drops of water on the window pane;

The divine fragrance of the soil after it rains.

The gentle breeze that blew across my face; 126 more words


Just when you think you're alone

Just when you think you’re alone and you lose yourself in a moment, you get pulled from your reverie.  Today, I pulled a man from his day dreams of being a ninja as he walked down an alleyway.   82 more words

Day 322

Day 322

Thursday 24 July 2014

Still day dreaming of Uluru…


Little Miss Ballerina

A moment I captured of myself

Here in my pretty white skirt,I attract depression as if I am a magnet…I smile when I see someone doing a crossword in the sunshine in the park and cry when alone in the dark.I am wild and free,but sometimes my anxiety stops me. 973 more words