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Words From Your Mother

Relationships,what do I say,if I was to tell my future daughter I think I would say “do not rush”,yes the good old tale our mothers once told us.In saying this,I would also say to respect yourself,believe in who you are and educate yourself-read books,smile and do not be afraid of wandering,look at the sights and do not worry about cleaning as much as your mother used to! 567 more words


Hidden thoughts.

Mine likes to ZZZZZZZZzzzzz.
Penny for your thoughts?

Artwork by : Robert Black


The Moustache Tales

Fresh cheese and baked bread,sitting in my dressing gown..wait, who’s life is this?!Me,I am hovering over my cup board trying to pluck my overgrown moustache so I do not scare mankind when I head out the door,drinking coffee from a soup cup.Yes,I am the coffee drinking moustache plucking girl at seven am,oh,and I ate half a chocolate Easter bunny and five eggs in the front seat of mums car Easter night,yes poor bunny! 469 more words


Caught up (Poetry)

Caressing whispers touches the deepest parts of my soul

Reviving a valley of dried bones

Can love live again?

Only God knows

You invade exclusive worlds of involuntary visions… 147 more words


A world of their own

Somewhere down there would be kettles grazing the green fields, people doing there daily things, vehicles moving up and down.

Somewhere down a man sitting by that large stone on the shore of the water reservoir, thinking about his plans for life. 58 more words



I was laying in my bed thinking how can I do this today,a plane I heard flying over me,my chance to escape,yes fly somewhere new,but I knew I had to get out if bed,make those first steps into my brand new day…my window adorned with pretty flowers and a life waiting for me..planes fly over and life goes on,but mental illness remains for another day. 1,078 more words


Three little words that can change your life… in your dreams.

Sometimes the simplest little things can have big impact on our lives. In this series of posts I examine very short sentences or phrases (each just three words long) that can make a difference in your life. 827 more words