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Thinking about Turkey

Wanting blue waters and sandy white beaches? Looking for some sailing and deep relaxation? What about exploring ancient cultures?

Have you thought about Turkey?

I’m thinking about Turkey. 386 more words


Week Nine: TRUTH

Liar Liar pants on FIRE!

I have always had this thing about the Truth…I have said to my friends “don’t ask me to lie for you as I just can’t do it”… it just never felt right and YES I did do it to see if I could…I got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I was all nervous and it wasn’t even face to face it was over the phone…my lies had stopped before they could take over the way I spoke with people, for this I’m grateful 🌺 236 more words


Thinking about "what ifs"

What if I told him I loved him, despite not having seen him in two years?

What if he loved me back? What if he didn’t? 159 more words

Chillin' in the Chill & My Latest Upload

Many of us have experienced over 7 feet (2+ meters) of snow this week here in the United States.  Winter’s not official for another month.  I live in the South, and it’s going to get 100 more words


Wandering the Halls of My Mind

Have you ever had a hard time sleeping, or caught yourself day-dreaming because you have a ton on your mind? Honestly, I think everyone has at some point in their life. 117 more words

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