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There's probably someone watching over us?

I’m not a religious person. When people ask, I’ll say I’m Buddhist because my parents are and it’s normal for children to follow them due to possible religious upbringing etc. 671 more words

Day In Day Out

being present

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i chose my blog name in the hope that it would help boost my confidence and help me become just that – a glitter bomb that sparkles. 337 more words


Find Yourself In Your Idols

The world of music appreciation is full of misappropriated quotes and 20th-hand stories about the greats and their paths to success, and since I’m much more motivated to write than investigate at this very moment, so I’ll leave it to better humans than me to accurately attribute the following anecdote: 931 more words

Young Mothers

heartbreaking photo of glasses meet garbage disposal

Sometimes you see a photo, and read the explanation and your heart just sinks:

“Totally heartbroken – my one-year-old dropped his glasses down the sink and they went through the garbage disposal.”

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Babies With Glasses