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heartbreaking photo of glasses meet garbage disposal

Sometimes you see a photo, and read the explanation and your heart just sinks:

“Totally heartbroken – my one-year-old dropped his glasses down the sink and they went through the garbage disposal.”

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Babies With Glasses

First Rule of Homesteading

The growing season is well in swing, weeds happily congregating in cliques throughout the yard.  Time to mow!–except my 8-year-old mower is hurting. The drive control cable is frayed, which means instead of the mower propelling itself and helping me out, I’m pushing the darn thing with every muscle. 237 more words

Actual Gardening

A shitty little update from my shitty little life

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. I’m not enjoying what I’m doing for a living and haven’t for quite a while. I feel like it’s a constant uphill battle and an endeavor that consumes too much time and doesn’t produce enough results ($$$). 350 more words