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Power: The Saga of Societal Segregation

I often say that talented people have one handicap, they are blind.  They never yet seem to see the talent that they possess regardless of how often people tell them. 2,566 more words


What Is It? Should I Eat It?

Morning yard walk, strolling through the weeds. There certainly are a lot of

them.  Not in numbers, but how many kinds there are! It boggles the imagination that we work to keep St. 555 more words

Actual Gardening

Grass Isn't All That's Greener

setting the stage

As my neighbor and I stood chatting, we shared our tips on keeping lawns low maintenance without inciting the wrath of the HOA police. 377 more words

Actual Gardening

Monday Status Report: Fence, Run, Dog, Tree

Back to the Topic at Hand

After so much talk, the good news is that there is (some) progress!


Remember that concrete block problem? Husband got the last word, like so.  181 more words

Actual Gardening


BANG! That was the door. She closed it so hard that our neighbours asked me the next time I saw them, if everything was alright. My wife and I didn’t talked for two days after that, except for the necessary stuff regarding our daily matters. 641 more words

Sebastian Kellner

Day In, Day Out

It may seem like slow moving

but every effort no matter how small

adds up when done day in and day out…

Heart Of A Fighter

Mulberry Makover: Amending Clay Soil

There’s something missing…

Between ice storms, sick children, poor cash flow, and employment changes, not much had changed in the old backyard. A couple of times, I managed to inspect.  339 more words

Actual Gardening