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Creativity Explored

Established 1983, San Francisco, California

History And Structure

Creativity Explored is one of three significant programs in the Bay Area, all of which were founded by Florence Ludins-Katz and Elias Katz in the late 70s and early 80s. 1,230 more words

Progressive Art Studio

"A Comedy Tragedy"

This painting by David Holt of Chicago’s “Project Onward” is a perfect tribute.

Progressive Art Studio

Art is NOT an Option

Provided by PROVAIL – established 2011

As we pursue this project, the philosophical initiative called Employment First has emerged as a very important concern. Figuring out who is pushing for Employment First, what it means for progressive art studios, and how studios can join the conversation has become an important goal for us. 610 more words

Progressive Art Studio


We have recently added an “FAQ” section to our site which includes the questions and answers included below. Demystifying these programs is an important goal of ours and so we hope that we are able to continue to develop this page as we proceed.   1,042 more words

Progressive Art Studio

The Canvas

Established 2006, Juneau Alaska, provided by REACH

Alaska is an incredible, beautiful place – as I drove into Juneau to meet with The Canvas I took this photo from my truck. 996 more words

Progressive Art Studio

Full Life: Portland Oregon

Full Life was the first art studio program that we visited, traveling into the continental United States from the North. Full Life is very different and very Portland: hip, young, energetic, and embracing the “weird.”  It’s a community driven by its clients and run by a team of creative young people – a full overview is the first entry in our program directory, … 365 more words

Progressive Art Studio