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So....what exactly do you do here??

It’s a question I get every time I meet someone.

“What does a scribe do exactly??”

In short, I follow a physician (or PA) around an emergency department, take a history of the patient’s present illness, document a review of their systems and physical exam (dictated to my by the physician or PA), and place any other relevant information into the patient’s chart. 477 more words

About Me

First post with good news!

Hi all.

My name is Mike. I currently live and work in Milwaukee, WI. I previously attended college here as well, where I graduated in 2014. 156 more words

About Me

Accepting the Good... And the Bad

Hey friends,

I’ve noticed a recent trend of remembering the good and only the good, this is applicable to people, memories and God. We all go through a stage when we are so memorized and pleased, that we forget to acknowledge the reality of making the other decision. 63 more words


Day Six - Forgot to mention

Went binge-drinking last night. It was the 12 pubs of Christmas, which seems to have exploded in Ireland the last few years, to the ecstasy of pub owners. 26 more words

Day To Day

And She Walks!!!

Standing between the bars at my physio appointment yesterday, grinning ear to ear and giggling like a small child, I took my first steps.  It has been just over 6 weeks since my surgery and yesterday I took my first unassisted steps forward and backward between the bars.  525 more words


Christmas lights = Christmas feeling

I don’t know about you but I have NO Christmas spirit what so ever this year. Even though I have an obvious reason. I’ve had no energy to decorate my small dorm room with Christmas stuff and advent candles. 323 more words

Day To Day

Retro style

Retro, second hand and vintage are wonderful things, according to me! While living in Dublin I had so many second hand stores to browse through and I loved it! 161 more words

Day To Day