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Second Post-op Visit: Success!

I went to see my surgeon for a second post-op visit and apparently I am doing as well as expected!  My bones aren’t fully fused yet, but I have gained strength and I am down to walking with just a cane. 581 more words



I haven’t felt myself lately. Where “lately” is “the last nine months or so.” Maybe longer. I was so sick last spring semester that perhaps the depression was already at play, earlier than I thought, masquerading with physical symptoms. 235 more words


5/52 how it is the last week of jan?

28th Jan 2015
Work meh …
Went for drinks after work with James and Emma today which was nice … Feels like forever since I caught up with James!!! 47 more words

Day To Day

The Lost Art of Being Frugal

Worcester, Massachusetts got slammed by a blizzard this week, bringing out the hearty nature in all of us New Englanders. What’s a little (34″) snow to dampen our spirits? 826 more words


Words of Evaluation

 Who is making the evaluation?

A Licensure – done by a governmental authority, such as: for a practitioner or healthcare organization, so they may engage in their profession or occupation. 88 more words


Have You Entered Yet?

Good morning!

Just a little reminder…

What are you waiting for?!

Who passes up free cakepops?!
Don’t be that guy. … 106 more words