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2015: What Glacier County Honey Co. Is Thankful For

Half a foot of fresh, wet snow smothers our yard, and all the sounds of the early morning, as I sit down to write.  I sit reluctantly, not because I do not adore stringing words together, but because my absence has made such stringing less like jewelry making and more like jewelry repair – there are unexpected knots to unravel, sparkling beads dropped to the floor and lost forever, rings of emotion too loose or too tight to wear just yet. 459 more words

Day To Day

B's Thanksgiving Playlist 2014

November’s themes are listed as: nostalgia, longing, grief, gratitude, family, loss, letting go, shedding, and “both/and”. Yes. It was almost as if they were written as the meta-tags of my life this year. 353 more words

Day To Day

Admitting is the First Step

I struggle day after day. Looking in a mirror, praying for a day that I will feel good about myself. The last time I felt truly good about myself was in 2008 before I started gaining weight. 230 more words

Melon Head

I woke up this morning wondering why the house smelled like a banana packaging plant and I had a craving for a pint of rough cider, then I opened my eyes and figured out why. 599 more words

Day To Day

Grandma Beemer's Molasses Cookies...

a.k.a. Christmas cookies… Grandma Beemer was a farm wife…. she had 12 children, 11 of whom made it through infancy.   Grandma made molasses cookies every year at Christmas.   319 more words



Here’s a pretty harsh truth of recent revelation to me. I think everyone has certain people in their lives, the people constantly expect you to be continually tuned into their every waking emotion. 189 more words


My first real account

Well hello and welcome!

So it’s Wednesday evening. I was meant to start working on ‘me’ since Monday. At the moment this ‘me’ step is just to go to the gym and workout. 694 more words