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#3: Compose a Piece of Music

I had started writing about this initially in my The First 20hrs – A Written Account of New Experiences but quickly realized it wasn’t appropriate for me to evaluate 20hrs on something such as this. 746 more words

Day Zero Project - General Writings

#87: Spend a Sunny Afternoon at the Park

Spring has most definitely sprung in Seattle. And it is glorious! The weather was absolutely fabulous last week and on one evening after work, Stephen called to let me know he was on his way towards Magnolia. 316 more words

Day Zero Project

101 in 1001 Days

The Day Zero project has always been something I’ve been a fan of. After completing most of my goals on my first list that I started back in 2009, I decided to make a completely new list and do the project all over again. 693 more words



Hoogste tijd voor een update! Ik moest zelfs nalezen waar ik de laatste keer over geblogd heb; een teken dat het echt veel te lang geleden is dat ik jullie een update heb gegeven over mijn doelen. 573 more words


April Goals

Routines.  All of us have them whether or not we want to admit it.  Sometimes we like our routines, and sometimes we want to change things up.  706 more words


#71: Play Mini Golf

The other day, I felt like I needed to do something fun with my night. So Stephen and I decided that we would go play a round of mini golf! 514 more words

Day Zero Project

Life is not a straight line

I really don’t seem to get the concept of a 101 things in 1001 days list, do I?!

All I know is that these lists are supposed to inspire you to achieve personal goals… but what if your life has changed so much since the time you first penned those goals that many of them are now rendered useless – depressing, even? 572 more words