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Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, and Sticky Notes

Come on. As teachers have we all not needed these essentials at one time or another? How about EVERYDAY!! If you think about it how many of you have pencils coming out of your hair by the end of the day, pen marks all over your pants pockets, sticky notes somewhere on you either folded in your pocket or folded into a tiny square tucked away in your ID holder, and who hasn’t had the highlighter attached to their lanyard? 317 more words

august in the day

where it go

and why it feel

a funny scent

and what it displays

and what it occurs

and how it was something

so different upon when the water… 43 more words


love next day

use to stay up at night

call that chick up

and wonder what she thinks

and what she is feeling

and how it keeps a mood… 46 more words


#OOTD | 21.08.2014

Not gonna write something like,

“Hi everyone! My name is Evonne and this is my first post… ” 😑😑😑

That’s just too mainstream. Plus it’s not even my first post anyway, I was using Blogger few years ago. 45 more words




I walk into the morning, on a glass pavement etched with dying stars. This is the hour when light is cleanest, this is the hour when sharp air slices through thought and brings clarity clear as silver. 310 more words

Fragmented Reflections