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(Im)prefect plan [ENG]

Hello and welcome after the summer holidays! I hope you had a good time. I would love to say I’m back but I’m now in year 13 of the IB course and there is too much to do for my brain to come up with any inspiration. 251 more words



Hey, nice day today, huh? Maybe not? Make it a good day :)

God Bless :)


Day Off

All work and no play makes us people too busy and have lives with too many bills. So occasionally some people play hooky. What’s your favorite thing to do when your off of work? 30 more words

The Longest Day

Up before the sun is, say a prayer and offer the day.  Work the coffee mixer, red button turns to green.  Grab a cookie, break the fast. 306 more words


The Man

You know that feeling when you just get up normally and everything is okey and then when you go outside turn your iPod on, with your music, and you have just uploaded some new songs and you are starting to listen to them and that first song is just soooo powerful that makes you smile and makes you want to scream and sing it out loud? 127 more words