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Day 17: A Hairy Situation

Its day 17 which means we are now in the single digit countdown to Thanksgiving. We have only 9 days left until the festive holiday is upon us.   363 more words

Day 16: Not Enough Hours in a Day

Today I’ve been constantly busy, going from meeting to eating to work with little time to myself.  For this reason I’ve been thinking of all the things I wish I had more time for.   675 more words

Pertanyaan Masa Kecil

Masa kecil adalah masa yang paling indah karena saat itu kita fokus untuk mencari kebahagian. Masa kecilku hampir sama dengan semua anak yang berusia sembilan belas tahun, tidak ada teknologi dan tidak ada keresahan. 128 more words

Flash Fiction

Day 19: Banafsaj 100 days of writing

“Let me be the flickering dancing light I was meant to be..
Instead of being the night sky that’s veiling me be the sun that sheds light on its moon..”

My English Writings

Mirror, Mirror

As I look in the mirror, I saw a girl being eaten by worries and fears.

And so I ask,

“What’s been bothering you? Why do you look like you’re lost?” … 525 more words


October 6, 2014 – Minneapolis, Minnehaha Park

I wandered around Minnehaha today. The falls are running pretty strong, but a lot of the branches are bereaved. It’s getting to be “crunch” time. I wish the autumn colours would last longer. 11 more words

Day 17: Your highs and lows of the past year

This is an invasive question, jeez whoever made this sure was nosey!

While we’re at it we might as well get real personal right?

To start from the beginning and make things less confusing I’ll have to explain this part first. 830 more words