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New York Daybreaker

Daybreaker is fast becoming a global event. Originating from New York, it is an early morning club scene which is creating quite a buzz. Instead of going to the gym or a run in Central Park the cool kids are delivering their best moves on the dance floor where ever the Daybreaker event is being held at the time. 27 more words


A Dance Party Before Work

Claire swims in Walden Pond before work. I take a lazy walk. Other people run or go to the gym. But in Brooklyn, you have the option of a dance party at a club. 231 more words

Why San Francisco techies are getting in on the morning (sober) dance party trend

Free spirits, bright colors, and quirky music could easily describe any San Francisco scene, but nothing fit that description better than a crowd of young San Franciscans gathered for a dance party before heading to work on a recent morning. 1,519 more words


The beauty in being uncomfortable

Recently I’ve succumbed to being a homebody who rarely goes out to meet people. In other words I’m playing life safe. How in the world did I get to this point? 552 more words


Something Quite Wonderful Happened the Other Day

Something quite wonderful happened the other day, and it brought a beautiful epiphany with it.

I had the joy and pleasure of spending 2 1/2 weeks with a man that shows up and respects me and loves me up in the best of ways, without making me wrong in any way when I behave in a way that doesn’t suit him. 866 more words