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Friday daydreaming.

Today, I can’t stop thinking about Sicily (again).  Is it too soon to start the countdown? We leave October 27th.

And I finally got to use… 52 more words


Say What?

Day dreaming is my thing.  I know the psychology world has mixed views on this topic (detachment from reality vs. creative outlet).  But alas, many times a day, I find myself lost in thought.   252 more words


Review - Makayla Lynn

By: Remington Fioraso

Album – Daydream
Release Date – May 20, 2014
iTunes Link – https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/daydream/id882591552
Genre – Country

Makayla Lynn is a young country singer from Nova Scotia. 182 more words


With all the eloquence bestowed upon them, poets of days of old and of present, the world over, have had wrought ideas into verses in countless attempts to describe the beauty that is of love; but such is the poverty of words that they ever fall short in giving love its due justice in prose and poetry. 47 more words


Musings Of Late

I have realized this just now, that I am living a life that is so different from the calling of my heart.

I claw out answers from numbers and make do of what little joy these minute triumphs can offer, if there is any. 342 more words


To Be A Dreamer

I am dreamer. I will confess to sitting for hours with a daydream in my eyes, ignoring everything and everyone. I will confess to going to cafes by myself and staying for far longer than necessary, staring at a wall, lost in a different world. 397 more words

Aberdeen Rain and Daydreams

It is 22.40.  I am sitting in a hotel room in a very wet Aberdeen, staring through the window at the rain falling from the low, foggy-grey clouds, the lights of the airport runway blurred like a smudged watercolour painting, and I am daydreaming.