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Daydream Believer - Part 2

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I can’t help but wonder if being perpetually stuck across two realities has hindered me in so called ‘real life’, the most obvious affected areas being my education, the daily grind of work, and the handling of interpersonal relationships. 818 more words


Liquid Courage.

The sound of the sunshine setting,
day’s insecurities slowly shredding.
There’s fire in the freezer,
Burn one,
Burn two,
Shot 3.
Anxiety finally leaves her. … 119 more words


Tales from the mind of a daydreamer #3

Words have never felt so empty to me, as they feel coming from you now. It’s amazing just how much of an effect this whole thing has on me. 150 more words


Dipz Day 41

To love me or not…conundrum conumdrum?

The plain fact my dear is that you may not be my first, my last, or my one and only…I have most certainly loved before you and I may someday surely love again…I can’t always quote poetry, nor will I adamantly think about you every waking moment of my existence. 125 more words

Tales from the mind of a day-dreamer #2

Sometimes she’s so confused. So confused and so tired of crying. So tired of crying she’s not even sure what’s she’s crying for any more. Everything is getting so frustrating now, and happy is the most elusive emotion there is. 44 more words



  • Builder:Catalina               • Designer: Frank Butler   •LOA: 30′     •LWL: 25′      •Beam: 10’10”
  • Displacement: 10,200     •Draft 5’3”   •Bridge Clearance: 45’6”   •Ballast: 4,200
  • Engine: Universal              •Engine HP: 26    •Hours: 859        •Cruising Speed: 5 knots…
  • 182 more words