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The Allure Of Drama

Day 3208

For many years now, whenever I find myself daydreaming, my mind will often create a separate life for me. I start off at the same position I’m actually occupying, sitting in a chair, laying on my bed, etc., but instead of fulfilling the next logical action, my dream self will suddenly be thrust into a wild and unpredictable adventure. 220 more words

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Dear Little One,

Today I went on a run for work in my dad’s truck. My car is in the shop, not feeling his best. I’m consistently overwhelmed by the mile high box of everything that is Costco and this trip was no different. 249 more words


Under the Surface

Slowly moving

Surrounded by blue

Everything stops

But goes on 77 more words

Still dreaming...

Dazed and confused, I stumbled forward… my eyes searching for nothing.  My ears listening only to the silence in my soul.  But my feet, my aching feet, found the tip of a cool, kissing pond.   55 more words


The Imagination is a powerful thing.

An imagination can unlock completely new worlds. My mind is a maze of descriptive words, rhymes, and plotlines. My imagination never rests. I see something in the street and automatically think about how I could make it into something creative. 1,218 more words