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For Bidden..

He doesn’t tuck in his socks or button his tie
but he’ll wear a smirk just fine–
I won’t overt my eyes.
When he speaks, 296 more words

Recovery (USA)


“You will more easily hear and receive our messages if you daydream regularly. Relax and open your mind to receiving, without directing your thoughts. Just notice any feelings, visions, or ideas as if you were watching a movie. 387 more words

Sedna by Efterklang

I love this song because its the perfect tune to daydream to. And I have to say these guys are very good live.


A friend once told me

A friend once told me,
to never date a priest.

“They’re just…weird.”
and she should know
being clergy and all.

I think I get what she means… 102 more words

Benjamin says

Benjamin says I like that thing
You wear around your neck sometimes
But I think I like your eyes—
The way they crinkle at the sides… 110 more words

R is for Reverie

I’m a daydreamer. FACT. Sometimes it’s what helps me get through a tough (or boring) day. What helps me fall asleep. What helps me on a long journey. 246 more words

A To Z April Challenge

4-21-2014 | Dream Fragments | Planning For Tommen Baratheon's Crowning And His Future Wife

I woke up during the night to use the bathroom and I remembered part of one dream but for some reason I did not voice record it, maybe I was confident that I would remember it, but I forgot most or all of it after I went back to sleep. 453 more words