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As I took my temporary leave,
I saw the brightest of stars,
Their beauty had made me grieve,
As wishful thinking had set its bars. 76 more words


Every day is a new beggining, take a deep breath and start again

-Belleza- Grace Makeup 2 Med
-LaViere- Tranquility
GizzA - Leather Jacket with Scraf . (unpacked)
GizzA – Preppy Skirt (unpacked)
Maitreya Mesh * Radical Boots * Caramel… 7 more words


On drifting to sleep beside you

Once everything’s been said (though nothing really needs to be)
and I’m curled up, ensconced in your limbs (they pull me in like branches) 166 more words


A New Dwelling

Can you see tell how tired I am?

I hardly moved down the hall, but moving is moving regardless of the distance. You still have to pack, transport, unpack, organize, re-design, clean etc… I’m finally done, and I’m thoroughly exhausted. 24 more words


Black Frame

So I might or might not have told you: I am a daydreamer. First, I get bored in classes at random times. And just when i think i would fall again asleep, some things cross my mind. 119 more words


Day 6: While Getting My Paycheck...

While I was waiting for the quit claim waiver I realized that I wanted to work for a magazine. I don’t want to be an esl teacher, I don’t want to be a web designer, I don’t want to be a programmer…For now, I want to work for a magazine, have my own desk with lots of pictures and cute stuff on my pin board, take pictures, go to events, meet people, dress up, write articles..




Pillow Talk

Who doesn’t love Fridays?!

They’re the gateway to the weekend, the long awaited payday, the happiest day of the week, and my official day to daydream. 292 more words