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Daydreaming: 3 reasons to wander

At around the age of seven I was a happy, daily, daydreamer. More often in the world of stories from beloved novels, or playing out some grand adventure of exploring, mystery solving or creativity, my daydreams were a colourful, happy place. 433 more words


Terrible human being

Di rumah sakit lagi. Sendirian. Dua bulan ini, bolak balik rumah sakit yang berbeda kaya udah jadi makanan gue sehari-hari.
Ya tapi gapapalah ya, it is called perjuangan for people we love. 390 more words

Crazy Theory

The wind will drive you crazy.

The following excerpt is from my soon to be released book The Divide. Read more about the book and see the index of excerpts here… 392 more words


Γκάιντες και σκιουράκια

Oι σκωτσέζοι μου γείτονες στο Εδιμβούργο. Edinburgh. Έντινμπόρρροααχφτσκδφς.

Κάθε φορά που ακούει για το Εδιμβούργο, “η Αθήνα του Βορρά” μου φωνάζει η γιαγιά. Δεν έχει και άδικο –τα κτίρια και οι άνθρωποι το επιβεβαιώνουν. 16 more words

Random (/trash)

Day 202.

I’ve spent the day with frustrated people. When I got back home I could feel my nerves. They were like strings – restlessly tense. I couldn’t shake it off for hours. 148 more words

Style file // Far From Any Road

Soooo, I had this Fair Isle cardigan from Target, and I wore it, but I kinda hated it. Way too bulky, way too Cosby. So this past weekend I gave it to Goodwill. 117 more words


Friday, July 3


Harold looked at his watch. He let out a sigh and shook his wrist. It had to be later than that. He peeked around his cubicle to the clock on the wall. 837 more words