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Pretty Things

Lately, I have been a little frustrated with my work wardrobe. I do a lot of warehouse work and if I wear anything nice it gets gross and after a while ruined. 135 more words

If you can dream it, you maybe won't achieve it.

“If it’s meant to be, it will be”. This quote echoes in my head for quite some time now. There’s a voice in my mind that keeps saying this quote over and over again. 633 more words


Inspiration Wednesday: Other Authors

All right, I promise that one of these days I’ll stop harping on and on about one author over and over again. But I wanted to write this up, and this seems like a good enough place. 1,044 more words


eyes wide shut, heart wide open

I rushed towards you in the middle of the night, just to feel that tigh hug of yours, you pulling me back again every time I crawled away from you. 88 more words


Snapshots of Yahoo Travel

Our friends at Yahoo Travel offer “a shot of daily inspiration” via Snapshot, and many of you have already contributed to this exceptional photography program. 184 more words


I wanna feel weightless

On Sunday I was sat on the train with my iPod on shuffle and Weightless by All Time Low came on. I remember when that song came out and the internet went wild with people saying how great the song was and how it was basically their life in a song. 390 more words


Jobless!! that's what I am

As the title says, I am going to write about my joblessness today. well these days I’m feeling really ashamed because of my idleness, have no work to do but daydreaming! 303 more words