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The Throne I Fight For

The throne is symbolic; it represents power; it brings prestige; it entails honor. Impeccable- that’s what I become every time I sit on my throne. It makes me feel protected, untouchable, unreachable. 332 more words

my dream vacation #blogtober14

Now, pardon me everyone who thought I’d follow today’s question of editing apps. I truly have nothing for you. All I ever use on my blog pictures is photoshop for quality. 238 more words



Even my granny has caught onto my obsession with finding my soulmate. Pretty much every week I stumble upon a new crush I have on a potential suitor. 472 more words


Daydreaming of a future....

I spent years of my life daydreaming about a future, I suppose in order to avoid a present that was painful. Donald Hall


On Boredom

Always a thing to be avoided.
And then there was the internet.
And then there were smartphones.
And then everything that the human race had ever thought of was suddenly in our pockets. 61 more words


Viết, mộng tưởng và con đường tìm về chính mình

Tôi không hẳn là một kẻ thích viết, tôi vẫn nhớ môn Tiếng Việt hay Ngữ Văn chưa bao giờ là sở trường của tôi. Văn miêu tả với tôi luôn là một thứ quá dài dòng. 1,279 more words

Tùy Bút

A Writer’s Mind

Have you ever daydreamed during an important event?
I have.
In school, I was the kid who got in trouble for it all the time. It’s more embarrassing when you’re an adult in a business meeting, and someone asks a question. 88 more words