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Daydreaming: Time wasting escape or creativity aid?

What happens when you drift off into periods of reflection and daydreaming?  There is some sense of letting go of your usual awareness of the world, and allowing something else to happen. 227 more words

Tips For Overcoming Writer's Block And Procrastination

status quo-te

I have the tendency to not listen to any advice: a little pride, a little stubbornness, and a lot of daydreaming in my own little world.


Please Send A Dragon

Pa always said I was a dreamer. I can’t hardly concentrate on school when my mind goes to building castles and rescuing dragons from their stuffy caves. 175 more words


Time is running, luckily

I have been so busy with my two works that I haven’t been dreaming lately…. so sad. But you now when head is already full with other staff its just full.   517 more words


To live with ‘free will’ and abundance and to get lost

I always felt calm around water because of the freedom in its’ expression. The way its’ waves hit when it’s sad and when it calmly mellowed when it was at peace. 636 more words

Personality: Approaches To Life

lesson learned

My mind is clear, my hear is lighter. There is no more space for resentment when there’s just warmth and joy, all around it. It’s beautiful, warm, inviting, and pure. 230 more words


In the land of what if's

It started Sunday night. As I was saying goodbye to my mother after our usual Sunday dinner at her place, she mentioned she’d read somewhere that 7 am was the best hour to wake up. 687 more words

Multiple Sclerosis