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Doodles: The less you expect the greater the outcome.


Over 93 doodles in a span of 4 years, they may seem like they were sketched with pencil at first but all these were done minutes after their first stroke of a gel pen. 126 more words


Fourth Date Boxing Match

He said first dates are like the first round of a boxing match. You’re pretty much just sizing each other up, taking a good look at your opponent and trying to figure them out. 317 more words

Single Mom


In class or in their written assessment, students often attempt to give the answer they expect the teacher wants to hear. While this surely isn’t limited to Hong Kong, it seems its practice of supplying and/or regurgitating a model answer for everything results in some pretty boring, rehearsed and ultimately meaningless responses or texts. 485 more words

Hong Kong

I am a maladaptive daydreamer. I know that maladaptive daydreaming is not yet a clinical disorder but I do have it. I have spent hours daydreaming. 180 more words

I will never Quit my Daydreaming

I know that we are suppose to grow up become adults, get jobs, be mature, pay bills, and live a well balanced life. And I know we’ve all heard this phrase “don’t grow up its a trick”. 219 more words


*Snap, Snap*

Last weekend was the Addams Family Musical, all-state production, and I was so honored to be Grandma Addams. She was such a fun character to play! 201 more words


How you know you're tired at work

We all have those times where we become like a zombie, on autopilot where we are there in body but not in brain. Here are my indications that you’ve completely lost concentration at work and you might as well go home to bed. 228 more words