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Daily Wisdom: Daydream

Today’s Angel Card message is : Daydream

“You will more easily hear and receive our messages if you daydream regularly. Relax and open your mind to receiving, without directing your thoughts. 106 more words

Daily Wisdom

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Ah, you're a Pisces, Colleen... no wonder you're so sweet :) I have 'dreamer' Pisces moon and love living with my head in the clouds too... after all... clouds are lofty... and so are dreams ;)

Summer Dreaming

On hot summer days, Ted likes to sneak away with an ice cream cone and daydream with a good book. How do you like to spend your summer days?

Ducky Art

In Day Dreams

With my eyes closed,

I imagine who you are.

Day dreams of meadows,

Full of blooms.

And poetry to my ears,

I await your arrival, 53 more words


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Oh my gosh this gives me chills... thank you sweet Light Bearer Brooke :)

Thank You For Lighting Up the Dark

Three words today: thankful, hopeful, and sad.

Exactly two months since I wrote This Year’s Love, we found ourselves standing on an edge far different from where we stood in May. 620 more words


Waiting at the Cliff House

Sometimes, the shot before the “real” shot is the image I like best.


Monday is for Daydreams

Sometimes the best recommendation for a Monday is to daydream (in responsible doses that make your day better while letting you get something done in the real world… Surgeon General’s work-time warning).  64 more words


Info-bytes and Interruptions

“Claire wakes jonesing for data. She fumbles on the crowded table for the blackberry; takes a digital hit.”1 -Jess Walter

  The father, mother and daughter sit together, waiting for an appointment. 1,961 more words