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Embrace negativity

It is pretty amazing how negative energy seems to be so much harder to erradicate than their counterparts. I mean, how hard – or even impossible – is it to change someone’s mood, if they insist on feeling down? 131 more words


True Love


Dan setelah kabar buruk itu sampai di tempatku, aku langsung meninggalkan semua tumpukan kertas –yang seharusnya selesai ku kerjakan siang ini– dan memacu mobil menuju bandara. 634 more words


Stereotypes, prejudices...

“Featured image is © UNICEF Cambodia/2012/Andy Brown”

This is hard, I try to face my own prejudices before traveling to Cambodia.

I think we all have at least some prejudices of different countries or cultures. 606 more words


Sam Smith's addictive voice

Stay With Me has played over 42 times on my iTunes in a short period of a few weeks. It’s not much the lyrics but more the voice easing ears to blissful daydreaming in a car. 150 more words

Important things of life/tärkeysjärjestys elämässä, kummallakin kielellä

Couple of week thief stole my computers and again I started to think why, ou why me, why not someone else. I had really busy time in my both works, important meetings, important plans, important everything. 654 more words



One of the things I have learnt in all my reading on introverts is that the art of living in our heads and daydreaming is something that many of us excel at. 471 more words

Sunday Inspo: Olivia Palermo

This quote popped up on my Instagram feed this morning (via queenb_official) and I just thought I would showcase a couple of Olivia Palermo’s looks. Her outfits are perfection, everything is appropriate for each occasion and I just melt at the sight of some of these clothes.(All images via Pinterest)