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I’m sitting here at 6am with my coffee in my hand and pumpkin pie in the oven. It definitely is a peaceful start to the morning, but makes me not want to go to work. 366 more words

November 2014

Opening You Mind to Possibility and Thought Rabbit Holes

This morning I booted up the comp and promptly got a GChat from a lovely friend announcing to me, “I bought Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer. And then it hit me, what if I could buy ALLLL the pumpkin spice coffee creamer and use it throughout the year. 347 more words

Life In General

I saw you again for the first time

It’s the first time that I saw you after a long time. You did something magical again. It’s like my bored spirit was kissed by the fountain of your being. 142 more words


i wrote in blood

something happened this past weekend that gave me the urge to write again. so sheena & i brought back the old site where (we) i post poorly written poems and stories about my uncomfortable social life. 23 more words

Taide Kennedy

Dress Your Bear In Flannel

The birds chirped. Leaves pranced merrily along the pavement. Echoing winds accentuated a charming portrait of the town hamlet.

“Wait, town hamlet? This is the East Village. 445 more words

Life Experiences

Doodles: The less you expect the greater the outcome.


Over 93 doodles in a span of 4 years, they may seem like they were sketched with pencil at first but all these were done minutes after their first stroke of a gel pen. 126 more words