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the books I'll share with my kids #blogtober14

Every time I think of my favorite book, my mind doesn’t only go to the story. It goes further than that.

It takes me down this memory lane, to me sharing the book with my future children, and hoping that they will get touched by the message the same that I did. 363 more words


JE 25 Oct

Nghỉ việc, đầu óc tôi có nhiều thời gian nghĩ ngợi linh tinh hơn. Vấn đề của tôi trước khi nghỉ việc là nghĩ quá ít, hời hợt. 1,125 more words

Paris dreaming

I’m daydreaming; it’s 8.35am and I’m sitting through the second presentation of the morning. I’m struggling to stay engaged and the third coffee of the day isn’t touching the sides. 256 more words


The venturesome Friday plottings

Every Friday, on my way to work, I pass the Orlando International Airport and my mind just goes berserk. I start plotting my next escape, my next adventure. 233 more words


Maybe it's just daydreaming

It’s not even the weekend yet! Yay I finally managed to actually get down to write a few lines during the week when everything is still fresh and ready to be shared. 276 more words

In Between Thoughts

Throwback Thursday: Senior Poetry Contest, Part 2

Happy Throwback Thursday, readers!

For those of you who missed last week’s installment, we are recounting the three poems that I read during the Senior Poetry Contest during my final year of high school. 321 more words

Throwback Thursday

The Throne I Fight For

The throne is symbolic; it represents power; it brings prestige; it entails honor. Impeccable- that’s what I become every time I sit on my throne. It makes me feel protected, untouchable, unreachable. 332 more words