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Undie-washing aspirations

Upon reading the paper yesterday morning I discovered that Dot Cotton makes more in the Launderette every year than I would make from temping full-time. 15 more words

You couldn't make it up

So I’m off to a site today that I’ve been to before. I worked there for a week or so last year and it led to one of my ultimate temp rages. 560 more words

Adventures In Retail: The Coffee Bandit

“Coffee?  What coffee?” he blustered.  Just as if I hadn’t watched him try the same stunt last week.  Wearing the same jacket.  Same hat.  Same stringy-haired girlfriend. 183 more words

Adventures In Retail

Back in the saddle again

There comes a point where every true artiste has to accept a, quite frankly, earth-shattering truth.

Nobody wants your art.

At least, nobody wants to pay for it. 315 more words

N->G->Xoogler: My Google story

Without paying too much heed to the complicated ‘not-thought-out-properly’ title..and the fact that this post was supposed to come out two months ago… let’s move on. 785 more words