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Answers to Some Questions You Might Have Upon Discovering I Work for the Government

A few weeks ago, I was appointed to a position with the government. (The American one.) If you’ve stumbled upon this information for the first time, you may have some questions. 744 more words


How To Be A Maven: TeamWork Or Dig Dirt

Greed is good…to quote Gordon Gekko. But more importantly it’s realizing it also clarifies who’s using it correctly and for what motive. We all have ambition (at different levels) but realizing who is genuinely collaborative makes all the difference. 61 more words

Sound And Fury

I couldn’t really think of a blog post this week. Yanno: work, the dog, the hubby . . . a new tv show . . . 308 more words

A Writer's Life

Five Years After the Leap

About five years ago, I was under deadline to complete the first draft of a contracted novel and stressing the hell out over how I would finish on time while working my full-time job as a senior production editor at HarperCollins Children’s Books. 965 more words


I Almost Got Arrested!

Okay okay so i may have exaggerated a a little, i didn’t almost get arrested. But, close!

The numbers in the directories are not always right. 406 more words


Dragons & Their Castles..

No.. i don’t mean real dragons. If dragons were real and they were a part of my job, i wouldn’t be here right now, i’d be very busy soaring the skies with my night fury; like hiccup and toothless. 540 more words

7. I'm A Celebrity!

Where i work, we don’t get a sheet of numbers to call everyday, or some automatic computer thing that dials for us -No. I wish though! 599 more words