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Household's Secondary Income

I’m approaching the 5th anniversary of a big turning point in my life, when I quit my job in the IT sector in order to return to college and finish my undergraduate degree in English.   1,177 more words


Happiness Is An Option

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If you’re like me then you’re a workaholic. I work two jobs that I tolerate to pay for a third job that I love. 589 more words

Journal Entry

Drawing has the opposite effect of gravity


It’s a miracle that I didn’t rip anyone on the sadbrickantfarm to shreds today. I really did not want to be around people who do that fucking phony, moronic dance every goddamn day like that’s who they really are (but they’re not or they wouldn’t need to spend so much money on their costumes, their cars and their entertainment; do you think if they all really wanted to play that way they would spend so much time complaining, gossiping and trashing everybody else about it out in public like they grew up in a barn?). 143 more words

The Struggling Artist: A Myth?

This is a topic I feel like I am obliged to talk about because if I don’t then no one will warn the ever increasing population of aspiring creative professionals about the never ending struggle to make ends meet. 795 more words


In Like a Lion

Four days into March and things are a little crazy in my slice of reality.

Yesterday I accepted an offer of admission into Texas State University’s MFA program… 601 more words

Rhetoric And Composition

Winding down

Tomorrow is my first day back from vacation, and I have a scheduled inventory (where I count all the shit in my department..good times). Had a hectic, but fun, week. 250 more words