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Always leave on good terms

My mother used to say:

“when you leave a job, always leave on good terms; you never know who or what is around the corner”.

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Coming into the home stretch

Of vacation, that is.

While I won’t be taking any work again, my in-laws are coming in from Texas the latter half of next week, ergo the coming weekend and first two days next week will be full of cleaning.  203 more words

David Nail Takes Us Back To DQ On Day Jobs (Watch)

Watch as country singer Davis nail takes us back to his job at Dairy Queen in his Missouri hometown.


Lennon had it right

“Nobody told me there’d be days like these…..”

So the last few days, of course, I’ve been whining that Raven and Mary have been driving me mad with distractions. 196 more words

Okay, come on now

The last few days have been really WEIRD.

I work from home, on my own schedule.  I’m very lucky that way.  I can arrange for pretty much as much or as little work to do as I want or need to do.  415 more words

The Day Job: Saving the Environment Ain't All It's Cracked Up to Be

When I’m asked if I like my job, I answer truthfully. “It has its rewarding days,” I say.  I often feel as though the job that pays me  is a distraction from what I should be doing; writing down things I made up. 1,244 more words


One of those mornings when the #dayjob is not thrilling me at all....

What I want to do is go play with either Erik and Sara or Raven and Mary — I’ve now written their first time (drips with hot), their first meeting, a couple of serious scenes, I know what the plot is, and it’s not just all about Boy meets Girl.  502 more words