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I have known times filled with laughter

I have known days decorated in beautiful colors

I have known days adorned with amazing sunsets

I have known sounds of birds chirping in the neighborhood… 130 more words


Set Back.... Er Made Me Take 3 Steps Back

I have been in and out of the emergency room for the past 4 days…. I have had so many tests because they couldn t figure out what was wrong….. 84 more words

When I was a little girl I remember being mesmerized by the frost on the windows, especially when it covered the whole glass. I loved looking at the patterns, no two a like, just like no two snowflakes are a like. 170 more words

Memories can be forgiven

I am back at my parents for the weekend, having a catch up with my oldest friend. Even living in different cities we are still very much involved in each other’s lives. 127 more words

Healing is hard. It takes a long time. We think we are ready for it, and with that initial energy we make it through for a while. 799 more words


I have four kinds of days:

1) A day when I go out and meet someone more knowledgeable than me, so I learn from him and that is the day of my benefit and profit.

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Lessons From The Learned