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Genesis 1 and 2: are the days literal or figurative?

“I let the text speak for itself”, a friend and brother in Christ insisted as we discussed whether or not the days mentioned in Genesis 1 and 2’s creation account are “literal”, 24 hour days or prefiguring days, extended periods of time; so much so that the internet is littered with articles both… 165 more words


He was two times her age or wonderful attraction.

When they met in the Carriage House first time he was two times her age.

They were attracted to each other from the first sight. 60 more words


Let's live

We came into this world to live. So make the most out of it.
We are on this planet to thrive, so add a little kindness. 48 more words


my days are rarely made,
only played like a game of wits where one participant known as I
runs out of witty things to say – 28 more words


Words I Love | On Marriage

From The Prophet

You were born together, and together you shall be forever more.
You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days. 160 more words


Day 2: The Forgotten Trail to the Reduced Section

I woke up with continued incentive that today I could live another day without water. I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic but it could be possible!?? My thirst had lowered, drinking seemed more of a chore, but I could persevere with it. 239 more words