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Give Me

Give me the warmth of the Sun’s rays
On a breezy day filled with blue skies
That are filled slow moving clouds.
Give me warm days to be out… 44 more words

Current Poetry

How to boost your powers!

All the cars these days have a lot of horse power, but seeing them standing in a traffic jam everyday, we don t get to use the car s full potential. 151 more words

a walk to remember :p

Jadi…. Malem ini gak krasa tangan terarah ke folder yang isinya jepretan- jepretan langit dari hapeku. Trus explore satu- satu dan sampai ke foto ini. Ini pemandangan parkiran dari tempat aku berdiri waktu itu, di balkon kelas lantai 3. 180 more words


#7DaysAHero: Day 3

Day 4: January 17, 2009. This was the first time my name was on a flyer EVER. The show took place in Athens, Ohio at Casa Nueva. 74 more words


The fam.

Today my family is coming down to Hamburg! Will spend the days in the sun with them and take my brother out dancing with me and my friends. Have a great weekend! 


7 Days to 'Grate-Full'

 Recently I attended a conference. Lots of exciting events and learning opportunities were available. At the beginning of the first day the speaker said “Good morning, Ya’ll are going to have a great, full day!” Immediately it struck me… “What if we had a grateful day as well?” 268 more words