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Reattachment and nostalgia

As I head into the second phase of my life, suddenly I realise that people and things I have known in the first phase of my life are important to me. 811 more words

Six Days, Seven Nights

Big-screen favorite Harrison Ford stars in this nonstop adventure hit about a dream vacation that turns into a hilarious tropical nightmare! A gruff, rough-hewn cargo pilot living in the islands, Quinn Harris (Ford) hates tourists … though he’s not above making a fast buck from a…

Days: April 21st (Happy Birthday Rome)

This is a post a day on the symbolism and celebration associated with each day of the year. A tiny vignette of each day, and a ramble of my thoughts.  

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13 is the natural number following 12 and preceding 14. And this happens to be my favorite number. In mathematics, the number 13 is the sixth prime number, so, everyone knows what a Prime number is. 1,503 more words


125k = 16 hour days

great example of hardwork as a window cleaner in chicago. ———————————————— Surprise six-figure salaries – Spends 16 hours a day washing windows (6) – CNNMoney Name: Alexander Tzamburakis Job: Window washer Salary: $125,000 Age: 35 Hometown: Chicago, Ill. 151 more words