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MySQL Performance Tuning

Five things every DBA must know

1> The Slow Query Log – Learn how to activate the Slow Query Log on MySQL. The Slow Query Log is responsible for keeping track of long running queries with the time it took to run them.   503 more words


10 ways you can benefit from a doctoral degree

After graduating, a significant number of my Master’s students think about pursuing a doctoral degree. First off, they definitely should not think about pursuing a doctoral degree if they really didn’t enjoy their Master’s degree – that’s a given. 474 more words

Sql Server : Query all the indexes or tables that are COMPRESSED

Quick one today:

How to get a list of objects (or indexes) that are compressed or have COMPRESSION enabled?

I frequently use the below script to get a complete list. 187 more words


[ERD]DB Modeling tool eXERD Functions(User Convenience)

Database Design Software

eXERD Functions – 4(User Convenience)


Shortcut keys help you increase the efficiency and speed of your work.

Shortcuts for a Diagram… 482 more words


Register Now for "Help! My Indexes Need a Tune-Up!"

We have all have spent a lot of time tuning indexes – it can be frustrating and time consuming. Adding indexes often seems like the right solution at the time – until no good result is achieved. 197 more words

DEAD BY APRIL's "Let The World Know"

Originally written for Valkyrian Music.

I’ve always had a WTF feeling whenever hearing something new from Dead By April, ever since the very first time I’ve listened to… 377 more words

Cd Reviews

DB Optimizer - Database Performance and SQL Tuning

DB Optimizer – Database Performance and SQL Tuning

DB Optimizer is a database optimization tool that maximizes database and application performance, reliability, and availability by profiling, tuning, and load testing SQL code. 185 more words