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Sql Server : SET ROWCOUNT limitations

Quick one today:

In our production code, there are several incidents where “SET ROWCOUNT” was implemented. Over the years, code has evolved with involvement from different developers and they¬†might have made decisions to use this as an immediate fix for the issue at hand. 150 more words


Simple script to backup all SQL Server databases

Problem ::

Sometimes things that seem complicated are much easier then you think and this is the power of using T-SQL to take care of repetitive tasks.  311 more words


How To Change Recovery Mode To Simple For All Databases on SQL Server

Scenario: :

This can be scenario on Development machine where you have given permissions to developers to work on different databases and you really don’t need to take the transaction log backups for these databases. 175 more words


About DBA.Letters

Welcome to DBA.Letters.

DBA stands for Dear Billy- Ann, and most importantly trust and support. Take Billy-Ann as a friend. It’s not easy to find someone to talk to. 95 more words


Natcon 2015 - DBA 3.0 Competition Details

Natcon 2015 is to be held in Auckland New Zealand over Easter weekend. As part of Natcon Convention a 15mm DBA competition is being offered using DBA 3.0. 62 more words


Sql Server : Retrieve the next 'n' records after 'm' using OFFSET & FETCH.

Question: Paging through records

Quite often, when paging through a large set of records, we display a set of records at a time on user interface. 266 more words