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DBA SQL Server + Oracle

Position: DBA SQL Server + Oracle

Company: Valinor

Location: Petach-Tikva


לחברת ואלינור – המובילה בתחום בסיסי הנתונים ו-BI דרוש/ה:
DBA SQL SERVER+ORACLE לתפקיד יעוץ מעניין, מאתגר ודינאמי. 17 more words

DBA (Database Administrator)

Position: DBA (Database Administrator)

Company: Bondit

Location: Tel-Aviv


mastery of SQL & NoSQL databases.
experience in building and handling big-data solutions.
good knowledge of MySQL & stored procedures is desired… 156 more words

Sql Server : How to query the edition or license level of Sql Server

Quick one today:

More frequently that I would like, we keep getting these questions from customers. “What Sql Server Edition do we have in our production / Development environment? 176 more words


Is Powershell for SQL server DBA ? - Part 2

In the first part I mentioned how invoke-sqlcmd can be used to run simple query, it also allows you to run sp. For example to run sp_databases on master database on the local server run this command. 239 more words


Is Powershell for SQL server DBA ? - Part 1

This is the first question that came to my mind when I was reading basics about powershell. Most articles start it with comparing it with command prompt showing the similar commands like dir, cd so it might gives a false impression that it is made for the infrastructure guys working on AD, servers and so on. 310 more words


Managing empty tables

Does your database have a lot of empty tables of (potentially) unknown origin? While the returned space is usually insignificant, there are some simple things you can do to help manage these. 441 more words