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IV/62 Hundred Years War English

Army List (2nd edition)

IV/62 Hundred Years War English, 1322–1455CE

1x3Kn//4Bd Gen, 2x3Kn//4Bd, 6x4Lb, 1x3Sp or 1x2Ps, 1x4Lb or 1x4Bd, 1x3Cb or Art.


I love painting heraldic armies, and this is my favourite one because I know that all of these knights campaigned together historically.   392 more words


Sql Server : Perils of using (not equal to sign) in JOINs

Recently, during review of some T-SQL code, I ran into the usage of “not equal to (<>)” operator in one of the queries with LEFT OUTER JOIN. 490 more words


Any Hikers and or DBAs power snacks

For the last few years I have been snacking on one of the cheapest and tastiest treats. Thanks to my wife Stacy for finding and introducing it to me. 51 more words


Let's face it: We are not only dentists, we are also running a business

Part 1 of Dr. Anna Maria Yiannikos speech during Beirut International Dental Meeting 2014 at BIEL – Beirut.

ISD-Database Administrator-SQL (QC)

Job ID : GBS-0645024

Job description
Work alongside with some of the best minds in the industry as a Database Administrator at IBM. You’ll build proof-of-concept solutions, using data management technology, and architect data management solutions, to address client needs. 166 more words

Quezon City

Rebased Scots Isles and Highlands

A while back I painted up enough figures to be able to field the Scots Island and Highland army. I’d cannibalized it a while back for SoBH. 163 more words


Sql Server: In SSMS, start, stop and restart buttons are disabled, when using SSMS to connect to a remote instance.

Quick one today:

Starting Sql Server 2012, looks like there has been a change to restarting options with Sql Server when connected from remote SSMS (a.k.a. 181 more words