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Allow remote connections to your MySQL server

nano /etc/my.cnf

Now that the file is backed up let’s open this baby up for editing. When you have the file open you are going to want to look for this line: 189 more words


Android: Calling python code from java project

I need to call a relatively simple piece of python code (no dependencies) from my java-project for android. I have heard that it is possible to use python via Kivy. 16 more words

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Sql Server: How to create NONCLUSTERED index with PRIMARY KEY (not CLUSTERED Index)

Quick one today:

On a table, we could create Clustered and NonClustered indexes. Each table can only have 1 clustered index, but multiple nonclustered index. 185 more words


Oracle Installation with screenshots

Oracle is very simple to install, it can be installed on a number of different operating systems. Basically when on installing on to a Unix server a number of pre-install steps must be taken before you install Oracle. 715 more words


Undo Data

Undo data provides read consistency, Oracle provides two ways to allocate and manage undo(rollback) space among transactions. If you use the manual approach you will be using traditional rollback segments but is easier to let oracle automatically control the rollback segments which is called AUM (automatic undo management), the only part on the DBA side is to size the undo tablespace, then oracle will automatically create the undo segments within the tablespace. 873 more words


RAC Architecture

Oracle Real Application clusters allows multiple instances to access a single database, the instances will be running on multiple nodes. In an standard Oracle configuration a database can only be mounted by one instance but in a RAC environment many instances can access a single database. 3,119 more words