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Sandbox in EC2 ... cost safety ....

I’ve found EC2 in Amazon AWS to be a great sandbox for a DBA.   I have test servers of SQL Server 2012 and 2014 base at the moment.   162 more words

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Sql Server: Common Table Expression (CTE) with ORDER BY clause

Quick one today:

Common Table Expression, since it was introduced in Sql Server 2005 is another great feature. The value is immense and cannot be understated. 246 more words


Datapump Bug: Scheduler Jobs Not Imported in 11.2

Just the other day I hit the unpublished Bug 16445132: DBMS_SCHEDULER PROBLEM WITH DATABASE MIGRATION VIA EXPDP/IMPDP.

It affects Scheduler Jobs that were created to end with a corresponding Scheduler Window. 128 more words


What Version of SQL Server Is Running ?

When you sit down for the first time with a new SQLServer instance its a good idea to validate precisely what version you have running.  I have been told I have one version when in fact I have another.   124 more words

Database Administration

Querying DICT and the data dictionary

You probably know already that you can describe a table’s column structure with the ‘describe’ or ‘desc’ keywords:

SQL> describe dba_tables

SQL> desc dba_tables

But what if you don’t know the name of the table you want to describe?  405 more words


Allow remote connections to your MySQL server

nano /etc/my.cnf

Now that the file is backed up let’s open this baby up for editing. When you have the file open you are going to want to look for this line: 189 more words


Android: Calling python code from java project

I need to call a relatively simple piece of python code (no dependencies) from my java-project for android. I have heard that it is possible to use python via Kivy. 16 more words

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