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Off the record.

Those who know me, know I rarely get down about life with D. I accept the ups, the downs and all the daily struggles that come with living with this condition 24/7. 413 more words

Giveaway Two.

Not so long ago I posted via Twitter that I would be having a small Giveaway of something diabetes related. At the time it was decided that, as I had a copy of “Carbs and Cals” lay around, it would be far better to give it to someone who would actually use it. 342 more words

Relief in the name of running

Ever have one of those days where nothing is going your way, you just want to crawl under your duvet and hide from the world? Yesterday was one of those days.  322 more words


Pushing boundaries

A while back, I got myself into a state, leading to an anxiety attack in the middle of the night, and spent most of the next day crying. 398 more words