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The letter I never sent.

I sit in silence but for the waves crashing in the distance. Feeling the chill of the spring air against my warm cheeks. Looking at the black clouds threatening rain, when the powerful moon starts rising above it lighting up the night sky. 238 more words


Power of love

Why is it that for the past six months I thought that I was moving on, over him. I knew I still loved him. But I’d accepted that despite my wants and feelings we were over. 234 more words


Day 196 of 365

Day 196 – not isolating even though I desperately want to


Day 195 of 365

Day 195 – my son had a friend come over to hang out today. Big move for him. As he’s always struggled with making friends. He’s an academic computer geek kinda kid (which I love Bout him) bit it leads to a lot of isolation. 11 more words