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Distress Tolerance!

There are tons and tons of websites and books and magazines for you to read up on distress tolerance. But I’ve found that websites list the same ideas (and all equally unhelpful, in my humble opinion). 869 more words

What's in your crisis kit?

I’ve been in lots of therapy. I’ve been on lots of medication. I’ve been diagnosed with lots of disorders I may or may not actually have. 177 more words


Mindful Meditation

While doing my mindfulness meditation over the past few days, I have noticed an almost acute painful ball of panic/anxiety sitting deep inside my chest. I work on acknowledging it, I work on using a ray of light to have that anxiety leave my body, I have even put it on a conveyor belt and dropped off into space because it is not needed. 222 more words


016. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

Last week in DBT we started progressing further into Mindfulness and the homework for last week/this week (we have until DBT – Thursday – to finish it) is “Taking Hold of Your Mind: ‘What’ Skills”.  554 more words

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Nice Day In The Park..

I sucked it up today and made an appointment for next week. A good friend of mine is going to go with me because I’m already scared. 392 more words

014. Diary Cards Are the Bane of My Existence

Yes, I skipped the number between 012 and 014, because I am just a tad superstitious!

Diary cards are the bane of anyone’s existence if you’re in DBT. 517 more words

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012. So What is DBT Really Like?

The rules of DBT are a bit like Fight Club: you don’t talk about Fight Club. Well.. you don’t talk about DBT.

I’m technically breaking the rule but I’ve had people inquiring what to expect in DBT and at the very least, I can describe what a session is like for someone new to the specific group – leaving out as much identifying things as possible.

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