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Love :(:

I grew up observing. Watching people. Attempting to learn. I always knew love wasnt a simple concept. Many layers of love, excitement, happiness, give n take, hope, dreams, pain. 173 more words


What a joke rant ahead

My day yesterday was a joke. My anxiety was high when I had to go to town for food, I felt trapped unable to just get home when I wanted, waiting on the bus. 238 more words


Day 205 of 365

Day 205 – just wanted to pop in and thank you gals n guys for the supportive messages the past few days I’ve really needed it and it has given me a little more strength. 27 more words


World of the living

Time to return to the world of the living. My therapist once told me something powerful. She said “imagine your at the cemetery you walk in lay the flowers, sit, remember, feel sad. 202 more words


Day 204 of 365

Day 204 – the simple act of receiving a text from someone I can’t get out of my mind. It came at the perfect time. As I was feeling so alone and forgotten about by many.


Day 202 of 365

Day 202- hair dye is my positive. In the past if I’ve felt down I’ll dye my hair a new colour to boost my self up. 24 more words


Day 201 of 365

Day 201 – mindfulness breathing. I’ve found myself extremely frustrated with issue outside my control today. But am thankful for having the knowledge to calm myself