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Dragon Ball Z Kai - Now with More Edits

I have never heard of a show receiving more post release edits than Dragon Ball Z. Honestly I’m astounded. Aside from the first third of the series dubbed by the… 541 more words


Attack On Titan - One of the best anime's ever?

Attack On Titan is one of those few anime’s that hits you on a hardcore level. Telling a story of hopelessness and despair, strength and courage. 394 more words


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review

Dragonball Z games are just not what they use to be. From the fantastic PS2 era that made you finally feel the planet-destructive awesomeness of saiyans to the less likable PS3 reign that brought nothing new to the table. 812 more words

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Maker vs Marker

Maker vs Marker is a stop motion fight between animator and animation taking place on a whiteboard. Based from the Street Fighter Series with elements of DBZ, Transformers, The Matrix and the unintentional SSBB.  56 more words


Throwback Thursday Topic: Dragon Ball Z

If you’re 25 to 30 years of age (give or take), you remember coming home every day from school and watching cartoon network’s Toonami. Some shows were great, some were not, but out of toonami’s realm of shows came one of the greatest cartoons ever made, … 279 more words


Some Sort of Blog Post

I’ve been promising people for months now, that I would pick this blogging thing back up. Success, if you let it, can make you lazier than you ever dreamed was possible. 351 more words

A Very Important Moment in Anime History

Meet the most vile, evil, and racist villain in the history of anime, Frieza.