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....The Pietasters @ DC BRAU!....

.…The Braustomp festival this past Saturday at DC Brau was a huge success….that’s what happens when you combine one of the greatest ska bands with one of the greatest breweries!….an unstoppable force of music and mayhem and fun for all!….thanks to everyone who came out and rocked!….

....Caz and the Day Laborers @ DC Brau!....

….a few snapshots of Caz and the Day Laborers from yesterday’s Braustomp!….such and amazing group of talented musicians, if you don’t own their album I highly recommend picking it up asap….here’s a link: http://cazandthedaylaborers.bandcamp.com/

DC Brau - On the Wings of Armageddon Review

All You Need to Know

Brewery: DC Brau Brewing
Style: Imperial IPA/ DIPA
ABV: 9.2%
Cost: $7 (10 oz)
Glassware: Snifter, Tulip
Serving Temp: 55° 554 more words

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Sometimes booze > food

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This picture was from the Nationals game this weekend, when I got sick of the food and just stuck with the booze. (DC Brau, to be precise)

Beer Review: Penn Quarter Porter

Tonight, I picked up a six pack of DC Brau’s Penn Quarter Porter.

Beer Packaging: Each Penn Quarter Porter can features a prominent stovepipe hat stamped with the DC Brau logo. 475 more words

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Good Food and Drink in Washington, DC

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