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Comic book reviews: Sensation Comics #5

When I found out that Sensation Comics #5 would feature Wonder Woman facing the dark New Gods of Apokolips, I was both anticipating it and feeling a bit apprehensive.  1,308 more words

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Detective 469 - Dr. Phosphorus debuts

At 12 years old, the conclusion to the Calculator storyline had been so exciting I had not expected much from Detective 469 (May 1977).  I was very wrong. 209 more words

"You've got yourself a JOKER." - Batman to Superman

Batman Superman the New 52 issue #16 is out now and sure to shake up readers of this comic. The artwork is stunning and the storytelling right on but it is the premise that is sure to shake readers up a bit. 586 more words


Detective 468 - The Calculator vs Batman

The big finale to the Calculator sage, by Bob Rozakis, Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin takes up all of Detective 468 (March/April 1977).

As Hawkman predicted last issue, the Calculator does indeed go up against Batman, and is defeated by him, as he was with all the previous heroes.  252 more words

Detective 467 - Batman on the subway, and the Calculator vs Hawkman

Batman is underground in Detective 467 (Jan./Feb. 77), pursuing a drug connection in this story by Bob Rozakis, with art by John Calnan and Vince Coletta. 171 more words

Detective 466 - The Signalman returns, and the Calculator vs Green Arrow

After spending years in prison, Phil Cobb escapes and returns to his original villainous identity, the Signalman, in Detective 466 (Dec. 76).  In his last appearance, in the early 60s, he had adopted a second identity, the Blue Bowman. 221 more words