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Review - Arrow, "The Man Under the Hood"

Sorry for the late review, everyone! It couldn’t be helped. Hope you enjoy it!

After Deathstroke’s masterful manipulation of Team Arrow last week, they try to go on the offensive this week. 829 more words


Red Hood for a Day: An Easy Cosplay

Is there a comic convention coming up soon that you really want to attend but have no costume prepared for it? Fear not! For there surely is a solution to your problem; a very easily prepared costume that doesn’t require much but will attract a lot of attention. 619 more words

Sinestro #1 Review

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Dale Eaglesham

Colorist: Jason Wright


“Sinestro still has lessons to teach. And when my students have learned all they can, they will feed.” 441 more words


The Daily D4

You’ll be getting a double dose of the Daily D4 today since I was up late last night. Here’s the first batch.

Mutants and Masterminds Mr. 564 more words

Tabletop Games

WonderCon 2014: More From the Convention Floor

By Nolan P. Smith

Photos by Jason T. Smith

Pastrami Nation

(Anaheim)– WonderCon will be coming to a close soon, but it has been an amazing time! 188 more words