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Detective 79 - Batman in "Destiny's Auction," the Crimson Avenger vs the Adder,and the Boy Commandos in Italy

Detective 79 (Sept. 43) features “Destiny’s Auction” as its Batman and Robin story, one of my favourite Batman stories from this period.

Jerry Anderson does the art as Madame Calagra tells the future of an aspiring actress, an aging actor, and a rising hoodlum.  220 more words

Detective 78 - Batman does some rousing wartime propaganda

The Batman and Robin story in Detective 78 (Aug. 43) is pure wartime propaganda, but I don’t mean it negatively.  It’s meant, quite openly, to rouse the patriotic spirit of Americans, and it’s told well, and entertainingly. 127 more words

Detective 77 - the Crime Doctor debuts, and the Boy Commandos in the Himilayas

Bill Finger and Bob Kane introduce Matthew Thorne, the Crime Doctor, in Detective 77 (July 1943).

Thorne is a family physician, who advises criminals on the side.  200 more words

All in on 'Arrow'

I had a couple of buddies who are bigger comics geeks than me tell me that I really needed to check out Arrow. I hemmed and hawed for a while, as I am not a fan of many things D.C. 459 more words


Too many bats: DC might have a problem with Valencia CF's Bat logo

Batman is a comic book character created in 1939 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Valencia CF is a soccer team (or “club” if you want to be fancy) that was founded in 1919. 168 more words

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