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See The Game Come To Life In Our Exclusive Preview Of 'Infinite Crisis: Fight For The Multiverse!'

Everybody likes hero fights, a concept on which the MOBA Infinite Crisis: Fight For The Multiverse was based. And the only thing comics nerds enjoy more is stories where all their favorite characters fight, hence why Dan Abnett was unleashed on the game. 78 more words


Henry Cavill Shows Off 'Superman' Buff

Henry Cavill made waves on news and social media when he appeared on set, in Detroit, wearing and displaying his new Superman costume for Zack Snyder’s… 390 more words


Adventure 138 - Green Arrow vs Bull's-Eye for the last time

Only an issue after being caught, Bull’s-Eye is back on the streets in Adventure 138 (March 1949).  You really have to wonder about the court system in this city. 81 more words

Adventure 137 - Superboy gets a new logo, and Green Arrow has a birthday

Superboy gets a new logo for his series in Adventure 137 (Feb 49), matching the logo for his solo book, which also debuted this month.  At this point, there were still no recurring Smallville characters, and the Kents did not appear in most of the stories. 189 more words

The Fury of Firestorm, The Nuclear Man 30 (December 1984)

It’s another messy issue from Cavalieri. Firestorm gets arrested–I can’t believe they didn’t go with it for the cover–and then gets beat up in jail. He’s recovering from the brainwashing, so there’s not a lot he does in the comic. 153 more words


Adventure 135 - Green Arrow's rematch with The Flag

The Flag escapes from prison and goes on another spree in Adventure 135 (Dec 48).  His men use flags as signals, as he taught them in his previous story.  95 more words

'The Flash': In A Flash Trailer

Don’t miss Barry Allen go from zero to hero.

Check out a new promo for The Flash, which premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 8/7c on The CW. 9 more words