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Alive and well in the DC Nation

While Plastic Man is continuing to be ignored in the current incarnation of the DC Universe, he’s luckily still getting love from DC Nation – which I didn’t even realize was still going on! 60 more words

Plastic Man

Playing around with Plastic Man

I can’t believe I’m just finding out about this, but Plastic Man has his own video games!

Granted, neither “Danger in the Secret Passage” or… 185 more words

Plastic Man

Jimmy Olsen Can Only Put Up With So Much

This cartoon is probably much older than I realize, but I just saw it today, and it was quite funny. So I thought I’d share it with all you good people. 10 more words


New Doom Patrol shorts

Survivors of horrible accidents, brought together by Dr. Niles Caulder, the Doom Patrol remains the most imaginative and amazingly entertaining comic book ever (IMO). Created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani, these characters have been ripped off in various other projects (I’m looking at you, Incredibles), but this is the real deal.. 83 more words

DC Animation

Itty Bitty Reviews: Week of July 30th

Individual issues of comic books are nearly a snippet of a larger story, making it sometimes difficult to review without giving too much away. We here at It’s All Geek to Me Radio have come up with a solution! 54 more words