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DIY Superhero Mugs

I saw some pics online the other days of drawings on disposable coffee cups and thought, “Man, those are cool.” But it was a shame they were on disposable cups. 246 more words


Arrow's Roy Harper gets a new costume and name in Season 3

Via EW

Season 3 of the CW hit is looking to be more connected to the DC universe and now comes word that Roy Harper will take up the codename Arsenal and will wear the above costume.

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I didn't get to see FOB, but I've been doing other cool things.

Life has been great over the last few weeks.  I got to see a lot of cool things and spend time with some great people.  Here’s some pictures of cool things and people~ 194 more words

Be Like Batman, Support Local Businesses

Why does Batman do what he does? Why does he throw himself out into the night only to be rewarded with bruised ribs and torn flesh? 456 more words


Good fatty, bad fatty and the gym

When I was about 13, I got braces. Braces come with diet restrictions. Food like candy, gum, corn on the cob, ribs can (or could, when I was in my orthodonture phase in life) snap the wires pulling teeth into place. 373 more words

Fatty Fat Fat

Friends Don't Let Friends Move Alone

“Us single girls have to stick together!” Alex jokingly declared to me on a cloudy day in May as I helped him push an empty cart back to Nebraska Hall to pick up his next load of boxes. 895 more words


Rose's Luxury

Before I continue with my wild goose chase around the world, I thought I’d put something on the table that brings you to more recent times, and also back to DC. 1,027 more words