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There's no Dalorians in this RPG

An Enigma’s when you slipped on the toilet, bumped your head, and then came up with an idea for the flux capacitor, except you’re not Doctor Emmit Brown… 41 more words


Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition - Jammin' part 2

After a short rest, the intrepid heroes (oops, they objected to that phrase) murderhobos continued to explore the ship. There was still one room on the main deck, beneath the forecastle they hadn’t entered, so they started there. 909 more words

Role Playing Games

"The Dwarves reveal themselves..."

Here is a scan of page 5 of Holothom – The World Base. It continues with the list of historical events.


There's Always Rules...

In Enigma, the RPG, certain character class models will possess the ability to perform Cleve, just like the Fighter’s in D&D; only these class models will not be restricted to melee alone. 104 more words


1K Basic Pregens now Indexed

I’ve updated my document containing the thousand pre-generated Basic characters to add several indices.

You could find a random character who is:



I miss playing D&D. Maybe with this I can convince people to play with me.