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Opinião: Por que jogar RPG?

Quem tem vontade de jogar um game em um mundo aberto, com liberdade para seu personagem, sem ter que se preocupar com script e ainda ter seus amigos para te ajudar vai adorar o RPG de mesa. 492 more words

Drop Hour

Dungeon Mastery-Romps

Several months ago at a conference, Robert Defendi, maker of Echoes of Heaven, introduced me to the idea of “romps” in table top RPG modules and games. 526 more words


My D&D 5th Edition "House Rules" V1.0

I haven’t played D&D 5th Edition yet, but I have the Basic PDF and have read blogs and forum extensively to see what others think of it. 454 more words


The Dragon Fisters Episode 126: Actual Play - It's a Caravan!

The party, recently returning from a successful hunt, returns to their somewhat menial positions within the settlement.  However, a short time later, news comes in of a caravan needing an escort from Langen.   40 more words

New Episodes

Character Back Stories

For a lot of my D&D games, we are expected to write character back stories.  Mine is still a work in progress as it intertwines with another character’s story, but here it is as of yet. 448 more words