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Happy Halloween

My dearest Dahlia (dollfie dream Beatrice)  is here to wish you a happy Halloween.

Dahlia’s top and arm bands are from the Dollheart Fukubukoro bag I caved and ordered.   144 more words

Dollfie Dream

The Pearl 024


“So the badass in full plate unleashes a lightning bolt in the dragon’s face as it pounces on him! Andersson, you’re up! What do you do? 14 more words


Basic Level-Up System

Hey all. I’m finally back to writing! Here’s the basic level-up system I have planned for right now.
The basics are still the same. Kill monsters. 320 more words

D&D Lost Mine of Phandelver Episode 8 - An 'Arrowing Experience

Last session was pretty emotional; it was Joe’s last one with us as his new job will conflict with our normal Monday evenings, and it was time to say goodbye to Bosun Barry Arrers… would he die gloriously retaking his old hometown of Thundertree, or would his efforts be in vain? 1,967 more words


The 4 DJIA Stocks That Dominated the Market

October 30, 2014: Markets opened mixed again on Thursday with the DJIA opening higher on the strength of a big earnings beat by the index’s most influential component. 280 more words


Fantasy Knights 12


Fantasy Knights 12

Quinn continues to struggle in the river while the rest of the party fights off their underwhelming enemy and tries to save Quinn.  9 more words