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If you go in to the woods today..

…you had better be armed with these.

Wizards of the Coast is releasing it’s new fifth edition books at the moment, so far we have the starter set, players handbook and Hoard of the Dragons with the monster manual due very soon. 143 more words

Coming Soon

Concerning 'Corvinus Sicarius'...

A few notes about my latest story, Corvinus Sicarius

For those of you who might have read it when I first posted it, back in March, it has since been modified and expanded ( 1,006 more words


Magic in the Grand Dynasties!


I call upon you.

As you explore the realms of the fantastic continent, will you be a Shòuquán, absorbing magics cast upon you to be fired back upon their source? 77 more words

MIke Myler

Godly Pantheons

There are a lot of places to draw writing inspiration from.  Real life and dreams being the top for myself.  My daily experiences are often varied and interesting enough to bring forth some rather inspired writings.   481 more words


Weekly Geekout: Adventure Time

When I was a kid I used to love making forts with my best friend, carefully adding couch cushions, blankets, and pillows to make the biggest and coolest structure possible without making the whole thing fall over, kind of like a reverse game of Jenga.  495 more words


Shadow Over Alfheim pt8 - The Road to Portsdam

Sometimes the fish just don’t bite, and that’s okay!

Suddenly having two players have to cancel right on the verge of starting a mega-dungeon crawl can seriously throw a wrench in the plans of an under-prepared DM, but I managed to wing it best I could on Friday. 1,179 more words


D.I.Y. - Island Festival & Fighter's Pit

Welcome to the Dollar Store DM’s first ever D.I.Y. tutorial!

Today we’re going to be working on two major tiles in this weekend’s homemade campaign. Here’s the scene: the players are taking some much needed downtime. 1,061 more words