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Siege Weapons

Remember that battle scene at the beginning of Gladiator?  When the Romans let loose with their catapults, rock throws, ballistae and scorpions and absolutely shredded the forest the Germanic Army was hanging out in?  415 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

#RPGaDay 26 Coolest character sheet

Well I have this one picked hands down. Glen Angus put out a series of Character covers before he passed away. There were more than 75 sheets in the collection. 62 more words

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4E D&D: A Retrospective

The Fifth Edition of the iconic fantasy tabletop RPG is upon us, and so we needs must make a fond farewell to the Fourth Edition. Hated by some, ignored by many, loved dearly by a select few – what are we to make of the experiment that was 4E? 472 more words


More Weapon Special Abilities

As usual, working on one post has led me to writing another. In this case, working through the implications of magical weapons that only have special abilities… 487 more words


RPG Review Week comes to an end!

So this is the last review of August Review Week. My next review week will be the week of September 8-15 and start with two card games: … 1,144 more words

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