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The Joint Venture ™: Pickled Fish – Part 3

Here is the first part of our session titled Pickled Fish! For more content and information about this series check out our website: http://mediablastblog.wordpress.com/

the original Owlbear image can be found here: http://paigeconnellyillustration.com/2013/11/25/monster-monday-november-25-2013/


Episodic Gaming - Part 3: Bite-Sized Dungeons

Dungeon design is probably one of the most intimidating parts of running any tabletop game. Every forum dedicated to the hobby has countless posts dedicated to random dungeon generators, map making tips, and other toolbox staples to try to make the GM’s job of building a sprawling, complex dungeon fit to confound adventurers for many gaming sessions. 630 more words


Shadow Over Alfheim - Pt 11 "Burn it to the Ground!"

The megadungeon in Morgansfort which i’ve been using for the ruined elven city of Malek is proving a bit problematic, because of its lack of sensible dungeon design. 1,498 more words


Purps is Thankful: For Her Family

Welcome to the second day of my Thanksgiving Week! Today I am thankful for my family. I know, you all are probably thinking, “well duh, Purps, that’s kind of an obvious thing to be thankful for,” but you don’t understand who truly awesome my family is. 1,337 more words


Hard, yet soft!

The first print proof of the Lulu print-on-demand version of the BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules has arrived. Soft cover, perfect bound, and shiny. I have a few observations, and I think I might need one more try before I’m satisfied, but overall I’m happy. 149 more words


The deja vu post

I am seriously not clever with these blog post titles.

Someone come and be clever with the titles for me. Stupid Oklahoma weather is stupid and I feel seriously UNDER the weather. 1,101 more words


The Wartusker (Part 1)

Ogre Mammoth
Built By: Ogres
Used By: Ogres
Tonnage: 90 tons
Hull Points: 90
Crew: 42 Ogres, 4 Ogre Magi, 6 Orogs, 4 Half-ogres, 60 Orcs… 3,159 more words