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Tonight in Alfheim

Tonight, the intrepid adventurers will continue plumbing the depths of Marek in search of the lost library of Caelden. Hopefully, they will find it. And bring it to Caelden. 318 more words


A Happy Convergence of Positive Events

Yesterday was a happy convergence of events for my interests and hobbies. I have a very busy weekend on tap, multiple family events. But I am ready for it all and have some good stuff happening to soften the blow as it were. 761 more words

Family Events

Ninja Turtles (Las Tortugas Ninja)[2014] [DD][Ver online]

The Ninja Turtle (Las Tortugas Ninja)

Nueva York está en peligro debido a que Shredder y su compinche El Clan del Pie dominan la ciudad y ejercen un férreo control sobre todo, incluyendo policía y políticos. 57 more words

Skill Subbing

Yes, I’m shamelessly once again taking my cue from one of Bill’s comments. In this case, as the post title tells you, it’s the idea of swapping out skills based on background/adventuring. 576 more words


Dragon Slayer Soup

Dungeoneering is pretty over-glorified right? I mean, oh sure there’s the fancy armour, the awesome weapons, the treasure beyond your wildest dreams… but at the end of a gruelling goblin-slashing, marsh-trawling, ogre-bashing day when you’re miles from the nearest tavern and your trench foot has started playing you up, things can sometimes get a bit dispiriting and, you know, even the highest level warriors aren’t immune to the sniffles now and again… 543 more words

dd con barra de progreso

Para conocer el progreso de copia mientras se ejecuta el comando dd:

# dd if=imagen.img | pv | dd of=/dev/sdc


The woman who would be king

Hatshepsut was a pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. The most interesting thing about this pharaoh is that he was a woman, and despite her nephew and successor’s efforts to eradicate inscriptions and monuments relating to her rule, we know enough about her for her to be the subject of this book. 590 more words