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I feel awful

Daddy doesn’t make many requests. So when He does, I try to the best of my ability to make them happen. But when it comes to being sensual with my alpha, I get soooooo nervous. 1,010 more words

Dom or Douche: Part 1-- The Good Guy

I’ve been talking to people who identify as Dominant for a while now, most of them online, but occasionally face-to-face. ¬†Because I’m a heterosexual woman, my interactions (at least the potentially flirtatious ones) are generally with males. ¬† 272 more words


Personal: One

I created this blog not only for my art, but for my own personal posts. I might just keep this as an art blog and make a new one for all my personal posts, but for now I’ll just post everything on here.¬† 569 more words


Yay for all my little friends!!! 0:)

I took the test and I found out I was a belle. It was pretty accurate lol!!! Anyone who’s seen me knows I look like Mulan!!! 32 more words


Ugh I’m so bored!!! I’ve been bored all evening someone help!!!!!!!!!! I’m going stir crazy….. And boredom so does not work for this girl!!! ;p… 29 more words

Hehehehe >:)

I sent this to Daddy last night just before bed….. (Stretch and long scratch) hehehe my alphas not gonna be in town tonight….. I wonder if I’ll get into any trouble tonight ;)

Thanks to Miss Lizzy-- Unicorns have curves