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Back To Back Cyberattacks Create Many Questions

Never before has a movie achieved more international attention, and it never even hit the screen.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest called the cyber attack at Sony, or the “Sony hack,” as it been named,  a destructive attack exposing serious security measures. 506 more words

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Your router could be behind Lizard Squad's attacks

Lizard Squad, the online group that claimed responsibility for the attacks on PlayStation’s and Xbox’s networks last month, is using thousands of hacked Internet routers to run a new attack service it’s selling to consumers. 146 more words

Sony tries to appease PlayStation users after Christmas outage

If you got a PlayStation 4 for Christmas but network outages spoiled your fun, Sony wants to make it up to you.

Sony Computer Entertainment America will offer 10 percent off PlayStation Store purchases including games, TV shows and movies as a gesture of thanks for users’ patience following an outage of several days caused by denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. 280 more words

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Xbox Live and PSN services still affected after server attacks | Los servicios Xbox Live y PSN aún afectados tras ataques a servidores

[EN]: December 25th was not a joyful day for gamers who rely on the services provided by Microsoft and Sony. Since yesterday, both networks have not been working as expected, allegedly due to a group of hackers known as Lizard Squad. 728 more words


Session Hijacking Tutorial

First of all, before going any further you have to understand what a cookie is. So what is a cookie? a cookie is a small piece of information that is stored in the user’s client (browser) when a user visits a website. 300 more words

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Pro-Wikileaks “Hacker” Arrested In Holland

A hacker or hackers who allegedly involved in the attack to the site Mastercard and Paypal arrested in the Netherlands authorities. He was accused of being part of an underground group of supporters who carried out operations WikiLeaks revenge against WikiLeaks site that is considered blocking. 222 more words