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Pour un visiteur superficiel, Berlin ne semblait pas accablée par une dictature. Les rues étaient animées et joyeuses; leur laideur m’étonna; j’avais aimé celles de Londres et je n’imaginais pas que des maisons puissent être laides, un seul quartier échappait à cette disgrâce: une sort de cité-jardin récemment construite dans la périphérique et qu’on appelait “la case de l’oncle Tom”.

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10 twitter accounts to follow for De Beauvoir

De Beauvoir is a small area, but there’s still plenty of activity to keep up on, so I’ve created a little twitter list that should keep you (and me) up to date on the goings on of the area. 472 more words

De Beauvoir

Welcome to the blog

Hello real and wished-for readers. I’m Matt Gilley, a student journalist on the MA Newspaper Journalism course at City University. Over the year I’ll be reporting largely from De Beauvoir Town, Hackney, but this blog will also branch out into wider reporting, comment on journalism and possibly other things as well. 37 more words

De Beauvoir

Archives for everyone

Today we had a project workshop at the Hackney Archives. It was great to come here and experience the difference from the Tower Hamlets Archives. Some of us remembered coming to the old Hackney Archives when it was in De Beauvoir Town. 126 more words

Gravity, De Beauvoir and other moments.

I finally got around to viewing Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity and I have to say I was suitably impressed. I know the scientific community were giving out about the mistakes but ultimately I felt the film was less about scientific accuracy and more about the isolation, loneliness and the interiority of grief. 513 more words