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The Right to Death

The topic of suicide receives a lot of attention, and for good reason; the cessation of one’s own life should not be taken lightly. Nevertheless, the morality of the action is still open for debate. 2,566 more words

The two painfully-simple habits of highly-successful writers

“What’s the key to being a productive writer?” is the kind of question a struggling novelist will ask themselves before even worrying about the quality of their work. 1,339 more words


"The Second Sex" - by Simone de Beauvoir

So, I encountered Simone de Beauvoir in an illustrated philosophy-guide book. There wasn’t much about her except her existentialist career. The thing that got my eye was that she was the life-long companion of Sartre. 2,650 more words

Deep Thoughts

(Mis)reading feminism

I’ve been meaning to write a post on reading feminist texts for a while. I haven’t studied feminism in any formal way so my knowledge is very patchy (often based on what I’ve been able to find for free). 855 more words