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The future of pizza at Simone Padoan's I Tigli & a cool wine bar in Soave

What a blast to get to eat at Simone Padoan’s cutting-edge pizzeria I Tigli in San Bonifacio in Soave township last night! That’s Simone (above, left) with Lisa Anselmi, who treated us to a wonderful dinner at this fantastic restaurant. 266 more words

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Dispensa Pani e Vini: an extraordinary meal, once again #Franciacorta

If pressed to reveal my favorite restaurant in the world, there would be many that could come close but none that could touch Vittorio Fusari’s… 187 more words

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Tongue, tripe & stuffed cabbage at old-school Osteria della Villetta #Franciacorta

Super fun lunch yesterday at the very old-school Osteria della Villetta in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, which lies on the very western edge of Franciacorta.

That’s the thinly sliced and delicately dressed tongue, above. 41 more words

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Spectacular meal at Lido 84 on Lake Garda

Really blown away by Riccardo Camanini’s cooking last night at Lido 84 on Lake Garda just outside Salò.

Those are cheese-stuffed pasta “buttons” (above) swimming in eel garum (the fermented fish sauce adored by the ancient Romans). 46 more words

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Great Sunday lunch at Genuisì on Monte Orfano #Franciacorta

I really loved our long Sunday lunch yesterday at Genuisì on Monte Orfano, which overlooks Franciacorta (you can see the village of Erbusco in the foreground in the photo above and Lake Iseo beyond). 91 more words

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Tracie P's fabu birthday picnic, glam dinner & end-of-the-night smooch

On Saturday, the Parzen family celebrated Tracie P’s birthday.

Maybe because we’ve been eating out a lot lately and finding a babysitter can often be a challenge, offers to take her out to dinner of her choice had been rebuffed this year, although that changed (as you’ll see below). 553 more words

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Octopus panna cotta

From the department of “nice work if you can get it”…

I just had to share this image of “Octopus Panna Cotta” from a work dinner last night at… 220 more words

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