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Record Lection #5-De La Soul "Buhloone Mindstate"

I wouldn’t say this is the best De La record (this distinction might be impossible when analyzing this groups incredible career) but this one is probably my favorite. 309 more words

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Hey! How you doing?

I feel like listening to a lot of music today! I love this song and the video, too. Groovy tuesday, everyone!

De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring


De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising: A Music Masterpiece 25 Years Later By Kevin Powell

1989, a number, another year that left thrill seekers to wonder, how would the go-go 1980s, that decade that bestowed upon us camcorders, big hair, “We Are The World,” crack, AIDS, and MTV, scrawl its name in the still wet concrete of history? 2,254 more words


De La Soul

De La Soul’s anniversary show is a celebration of their debut 1989 album 3 Feet High And Rising, which is seen as a major contribution to the development of alternative hip-hop, with its focus on diverse sampling, and promotion of unity and goodwill. 12 more words

#365AOTD 201 "3 Feet and Rising" De La Soul 1989

I was unaware of the legendary status of De La Soul’s debut record, “3 Feet and Rising” until I came across a blurb about it. Actually, sometime within this year a link appeared from De La Soul on social media where you could download for free a couple their albums, “3 Feet” was one of them. 204 more words


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Let’s see.  It’s 11:19.  Meeting my family at the zoo at noon, birthday party near the zoo for one of my wife’s co-worker’s kids at one, work at OtherJob at five, need to cram a couple of meals in between now and then… I need to get just over four thousand words written today and tomorrow to not fall farther behind than I was at the beginning of the week… oh, and theoretically we’re going to start tiling soon. 45 more words