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Ceri Smith's Biondivino as if in a dream of Italian wine (hag urim sameach yall!)

Above: the Rocche del Gatto Pigato blew me away with its freshness and rich minerality. It was such a stunning pairing for the takeout Vietnamese that Ceri treated us all to on Wednesday night. 381 more words

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All you need is groovy wine and love: wine list back on track @SottoLA

So much to report from my trip this week to California, including a super fun evening and fantastic wines, caviar, and conversation last night at Ceri Smith’s amazing Biondivino wine boutique in San Francisco. 213 more words

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Absurdist EU wine marketing regulation & why Prosecco Col Fondo matters more than ever

Above: Giuseppe Rinaldi at his winery in Barolo in 2010. Aggressive enforcement of EU regulations and the prospect of steep fines are forcing him to change the names of his wines. 859 more words

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1982 Cabernet by Giorgio Grai, one of the best bottles I drank in 2014

If you happen to be in San Francisco this week, please come out and taste with me at Ceri Smith’s amazing shop Biondivino. I’ll be there on Wednesday, pouring one of my favorite expression’s of Prosecco Col Fondo by my client Bele Casel. 412 more words

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Happy birthday Georgia P! I am the luckiest daddy in the world

My goodness, Georgia, today is your third birthday!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

I picked the photo above for your happy birthday post because it really captures your personality. 358 more words

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Robert Bohr on what it means to be a sommelier & the quiet before the storm

As I was preparing to head up to Colorado last month for the Boulder Burgundy Festival, one of the persons I was most exciting about seeing was Robert Bohr (above, right). 248 more words

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