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Trouble in Proseccoland: col fondo under fire

Posting on the fly this morning on my way to mxp: check out my client Luca Ferraro’s response to a col fondo detractor, including my translation of the comment that sparked the debate.

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Wine highlights from last week in California

Thanks to everyone who came out to my Bele Casel tastings in California! And special thanks to Jill at DomaineLA in Los Angeles and Jayne and Jon at Jaynes in San Diego for hosting. 489 more words

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Sicily, the Middle East, and Greece all in one plate at République

San Diegans, please come out and taste with me tomorrow at Jaynes Gastropub, where I’ll be pouring five wines, including Bele Casel Prosecco Colfòndo. Click here for details… 200 more words

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Hallelujah! The new Lou in Los Angeles

Above: the new Lou, the amazing Lou Amdur’s newly opened wine shop in Los Feliz (Los Angeles).

Yesterday, I braved two hours in grid-lock traffic to get from the westside of Los Angeles to Los Feliz to see… 265 more words

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Chi Spacca in LA, I really liked it

Posting in a flurry this morning from the road in LA, where I poured my client Bele Casel’s Prosecco Colfòndo last night at DomaineLA. 112 more words

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A chat with Matteo Lunelli, the once & future king of Italian bubbly

Angelinos, I’ll be pouring Bele Casel Prosecco Colfòndo at DomaineLA tonight from 6-8. Click here for details and please come out and taste with me if you’re in town. 485 more words

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Tracie P's fabu birthday picnic, glam dinner & end-of-the-night smooch

On Saturday, the Parzen family celebrated Tracie P’s birthday.

Maybe because we’ve been eating out a lot lately and finding a babysitter can often be a challenge, offers to take her out to dinner of her choice had been rebuffed this year, although that changed (as you’ll see below). 553 more words

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