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Someone Finally Called Out Steven Spielberg For Being A Dinosaur-Killing Monster

Hold on to your butts, but people on Facebook are idiots. To mock the uproar over the blonde cheerleader and her exotic (and dead) trophy animals, … 89 more words

Film Drunk

Dead Things~Not for the Squeamish Painters

Queen Fish Head III

I don’t know why dead things on the beach fascinate me.  When we were visiting the Outer Banks back in 2002, I found a half decayed fish head on the beach, surrounded it with shells, got some ocean water in a container and painted it. 304 more words


People Are Furious At This Blonde College Cheerleader Who Kills Safari Animals

Kendall Jones is a 19-year-old cheerleader who attends Texas Tech University. Like most blonde cheerleaders, she’s very popular online; UNLIKE most blonde cheerleaders, though, her notoriety comes from the fact that she hunts big game in Africa, and proudly posts photos of her kills on Facebook, … 201 more words

Web Culture

Spider Lady

This St Andrews Cross Spider was in a web in our yard for all of Summer and she has thousands of babies!  It seemed like she had a new green egg sack every week. 153 more words