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Deja Vu

all over again, ha ha. For years I’ve taken care of pets for free, a sort of barter system for the past ten years. The first time I did this I probably did 1,000 dog visits and got one in return. 365 more words


The Most Cruel Animal

Banks are places where people lie to other people about their money. This thing annoys me the most as I happened to work for one. 624 more words

Someone Finally Called Out Steven Spielberg For Being A Dinosaur-Killing Monster

Hold on to your butts, but people on Facebook are idiots. To mock the uproar over the blonde cheerleader and her exotic (and dead) trophy animals, … 89 more words

Film Drunk

Dead Things~Not for the Squeamish Painters

Queen Fish Head III

I don’t know why dead things on the beach fascinate me.  When we were visiting the Outer Banks back in 2002, I found a half decayed fish head on the beach, surrounded it with shells, got some ocean water in a container and painted it. 304 more words


People Are Furious At This Blonde College Cheerleader Who Kills Safari Animals

Kendall Jones is a 19-year-old cheerleader who attends Texas Tech University. Like most blonde cheerleaders, she’s very popular online; UNLIKE most blonde cheerleaders, though, her notoriety comes from the fact that she hunts big game in Africa, and proudly posts photos of her kills on Facebook, … 201 more words

Web Culture

Spider Lady

This St Andrews Cross Spider was in a web in our yard for all of Summer and she has thousands of babies!  It seemed like she had a new green egg sack every week. 153 more words