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Vultures are Gross-ly Important

Vultures can be gross animals but their job is very important for the environment. This birds eat dead animals and that way they help prevent diseases from spreading and cleaning the atmosphere. 71 more words

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Hit With A Serious Case Of The Munchies, An Owl Flew All The Way Into A 10th Story Apartment To Snack On Some Canaries

I always keep my cupboards stocked with goodies just in case I’m up at 2 a.m. watching Bob’s Burgers and suddenly get hit with a serious case of the munchies. 256 more words

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My husband is a fish killer.

My husband is a fish-killer!

Well, I wouldn’t mind so much, it’s just what to tell the kids.

This weekend we’ve been busy with the usual: sport, catching up with friends, housework and projects. 321 more words


Reason 28: I am slowly becoming fearless!

My cats have suddenly decided that frogs and mice are a little bit yummy, and they like to share! So I keep finding half a frog or part of a mouse on my living room carpet!   418 more words

Just A Painting Of Macho Man Randy Savage And A Man's Dead Dog Looking Down On Him From Heaven

I couldn’t fit “… while he swings in a garden and clutches an obese cat” into the headline, but that’s also important.

The late, great Macho Man Randy Savage is the subject of a lot of bizarre modern art. 177 more words