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DUI suspect showed up for court drunk
Pennsylvania police said a woman who showed up “highly intoxicated” at court on a DUI charge was busted for public drunkenness. 370 more words

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You'll Never Believe this, Officer

in these times of austerity – when money is tight – some folk might thank their lucky stars if they returned to their car after a shopping trip to find someone had left a large chunk of meat in the boot/trunk… 39 more words


Lindsay Lohan dice que ella personalmente con ruedas cuerpo de Whitney Houston en la Morgue

Lindsay Lohan tuvo un encontronazo con Whitney Houston mientras realiza suservicio a la comunidad… cosa que, Whitney estaba muerta.

Lindsay estaba trabajando en la Morgue del Condado de los Ángeles en sucaso de violación de libertad condicional hace unos años cuando vino en contacto con el cuerpo de Whitney… así dice el telégrafo para promover supróxima obra de Londres. 86 more words

Lindsay Lohan

Update: Man's body discovered inside rural Oklahoma home

UPDATE: The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says, “After closer inspection of a body found in rural Seminole County Tuesday morning, investigators believe Justin Hinkle is likely not a victim of homicide.” 123 more words


Dressed Up Zombie!!

They say the dead live on in our hearts and minds – but in one Indonesian village, the deceased continue to walk the earth in a rather more literal, zombie-like fashion. read more…


Is that a Head Moving Under There?

I’ve seen dead people for as long as I can remember.  In fact one of my earliest memories is seeing the Pizza Man, pulled from a crash bag as I sat peering through the rails of some windy stairwell.   604 more words


If Dean is cured?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and discussions have come out more or less the same. That if Sam does cure Demon Dean, Dean at the end of ‘Do you believe in miracles’ Metatron ends Dean. 360 more words