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The Rhythms of Inspiration, Day 1.

So, I decided to do a daily post on the music that inspires me. Whether is for my writing, artwork, work(you know, money making day job crap), so on and so forth. 233 more words

Lisa Gerrard - Twilight Kingdom (album) (Gerrard Records)

Lisa Gerrard is one of our all-time favourite vocalists here at Sound Advice and, therefore, this review is really just an indulgence for us than anything else. 285 more words

Party like it's 1989

Here are some of my favorite Post-punk/Gothic Rock/New Wave/Heavenly voices/… songs from 1979 to 1988:


Bauhaus: Bela Lugosi’s dead

Oh, I do love Bauhaus! 419 more words


Album #69 - Anastasis - Dead Can Dance

Anastasis – Dead Can Dance

We, so Brendan Perry sings, are the children of the sun in the first track on this long awaited album.  168 more words

Dead Can Dance

Album # 59 - Aion - Dead Can Dance

Aion – Dead Can Dance

Take one bag of illegal herbal substance.

Add several goths.

Stir with plenty of velvet.

Stew for the duration of the album and you will experience neoclassicalist dark wave at its full. 198 more words

Dead Can Dance