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Still He Ran On

Rat in the maze was chasing some cheese but all that he found him did displease. Nothing but dead-ends, circuitous lies, running faster couldn’t bring him the prize. 156 more words


Just Moving In!!

Oh Hai!!! This is the blog of Jinx Forrest! I will put a little about Jinx in the following post to give you a little hint as to who Jinx is! 271 more words

Dead End

Working Backwards to Go Forward

I learned early how to properly navigate a maze. If you start at the end and work backwards, it’s much easier. All those wrong turns… 424 more words


Does it matter?

A 13 years old boy (that’s me) started blogging. I started many blogs (don’t want to name them, they are not so live) on wordpress, blogspot, a tumblog and many more (including this one). 28 more words


The Future

The Future.

A dark, desolate world.

A world of war, suffering… Losses on both sides.

People who loved and people who dared to love them. 125 more words

Recalculating My Path

For several years now, I have felt that I have reached a dead end.  There was a very specific point in my life where I had to make a choice between one of two paths.  898 more words

Poetry : As I ponder

As I ponder,
I think not of what is now,
For the now has no place for me.

As I ponder,
I think not of what was then, 391 more words