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The Dead End View

It was a sunny vacation morning. I hopped on my bike, looking forward to a worry-free time exploring beachside streets. But as often happens, my worries hopped on board. 233 more words


Flying high screaming

Off into the winds my screams go. No idea of where to turn, the roads are blocked off everywhere I look. Detours surround my entire existence. 100 more words


A dead end will only stop you if you don’t try to move through it.



Idea ended too soon.

I wanted just enough. Just the spare change of your time. Just the message or note letting me know that I flicked across your mind even once. 156 more words

Dead End

Sometimes life takes you places that test your faith, test your beliefs, test you – and at the time you think you are going down a dead end road. 70 more words

Bot Shots: Stunticons (Motormaster, Dead End, Drag Strip, Breakdown, Wildrider)

The annoyingly erratic nature of local Bot Shots stocking has been a constant subtopic that informs my Bot Shots custom posts, I understand, so I’ll assume it’s familiar and skip right to one of the more unexpected examples. 306 more words


200 year old eyes

Sometimes it feels that the malaise, the feeling of having been cheated, is because the ghosts of my forefathers embody me, disillusioned with the repetition of ordeals we thought were… 906 more words