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A Burden

They say accept life’s oysters, if you wait and endure it will give you the pearl. But what if that oyster that you’re painfully holding on to doesn’t have the pearl that you were expecting but the the dust of a long time of waiting, what would you do. 85 more words


¿Where are we going and how do we get there?

Day 4

We started this day still on a high from the exciting adventure we experienced the day before. However that high only lasted about 30 mins, because our looming checkout time was in 3 hours and we still hadn’t confirmed a new place to stay. 1,152 more words

The Adventure In Between

dead ends~

In those darkest   hours,  it is verses   like  this  that  offer sustenance,  comfort, and hope. ~  kmk


” and if all the roads

end up  in dead ends… 12 more words

The Truth About Comfortable Jobs

You got a job, yay! The odds were in your favor this year. But what happens if your job’s office is “too” comfortable?

You overslept? Well nice to see you! 363 more words


DEAD END! ~by Dr. Satinder Nanda"Aas".


Race never ends
Till the dead end
Of illusive life’s road
Forced us to cross
Endless wild deserts
Of dried passions,
Disgusts, distress… 26 more words


New Life & Dead End

When most of us find out our partner has a porn addiction it is immediately clear the life we shared is not what we thought it was. 334 more words


Giving Up vs. Moving On

Giving Up vs. Moving On

“Quitters never prosper,” “Don’t quit,” and “Keep going,” are all sayings and quotes that many of us live by. It’s almost as if they serve as figurative reserve fuel tanks for our physical bodies in those moments we face the most challenging circumstances. 290 more words