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The competition is brutal to get up front in the race toward a dead-end.


Nowhere left to turn

Life has a way of surprising people. newThe turns become obsolete and the bumps smooth out to the point that they are no longer visible. The road rash that was once evident on the knees from all of the times one falls have finally scabbed up. 166 more words



A dead end or a transition point?


When Life Feels like One Long Microwave Minute

Can you imagine it? In front of you all you can see is people, behind you multitudes of people and to your left and right all the same. 902 more words

Walk With Us

Bug-out with an Infant

I’m in a car.  It must be going somewhere, but I don’t have the sensation of going forward, only of events unfolding within the car.  I have an infant with me, which I understand to be my child.  257 more words


Here's the thing. It's OK to not know what to do next.

Although at some point all of us want to have some order in life, it might not be the best that can happen to us.  322 more words

Wake up, Neo

What a great wake-up call! Just when I started sinking back to the mourning period and idealizing my precious The One, how great and wonderful he actually is and how maybe MAYBE there is still hope somewhere that one day things will get better and we will be at least possible to talk to each other – ta-da! 128 more words