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"They're just as I imagined," Or The Animal, The Vegetable & John D. Jones

Before I begin, look at this cover. My three year old son looked at it and asked if the kid sitting down in Harry Potter. Dark hair, round glasses ….. 798 more words

Dead Parents


After we see the slow slackening

of the eyes, the hardening upper back,

the quiet renaming

of the person we knew,

After we lose our parents, 164 more words


Nora Webster: Unflinching (Lessons in appreciating unlikeable characters)

There are no cats in Colm Tóibín’s Nora Webster. But there is an awful lot of grumpiness. My cat, Titus, makes this sound (I call it playing her like an accordion) when properly prompted, that sounds much like the titular protagonist, like this: *harumph, grump, grump, grump *harumph, grump grump grump… 554 more words

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