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Woman Finds Dead Body While Having An Easter Egg Hunt With Her Child -- Happy Easter!

A Knoxville woman was having a nice little Easter Egg hunt in the backyard of her home with her four-year-old son, when she came across something even better than an Easter Egg: a decomposing human body! 299 more words

Web Culture

Comedian John Pinette Dead At 50, After Losing 200 Pounds And Getting Sober

Overweight comedians continue to have a worse life expectancy than Chernobyl survivors, as comic John Pinette died over the weekend, at the age of 50, in a hotel room, where all real comedians die. 461 more words

Film Drunk

A Couple Questions

Seriously, two questions.

1. Why aren’t there more rants on the internet about people praying via Facebook statuses?

Maybe they think it’s the thought that counts. 127 more words


Prompt: Dead People

Dead People

By Jessica Stemmer


“I see dead people.” Harold whispered, gazing at his wife, Mary, intently. A chill ran through her as he spoke. 326 more words

Cemeteries and Funeral Processions

The music is the first thing you hear. Sometimes it’s cheerful, most times it’s sad, but all the time, it is cloyingly cliched. That’s all I think really, that and the fact that I’ll definitely plan my own funeral playlist before I die. 271 more words


Dining with Dead People and Carryout Lesson

Dead people don’t make me uncomfortable. Usually. Would you eat lunch in a restaurant alongside dead people?

That might be awkward. Well, maybe not if it was someone you knew, but it isn’t. 532 more words