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Medium - From My Haunted Life Too

There was a time growing up when I became quite fascinated by spiritualism. The idea that a person could communicate with the dead—actually see and hear ghosts—was of great interest to me. 945 more words


Ghosts in the Machine

Last week I wrote about why I preferred to be out of the social media loop (OOTL). My reasons had to do with the way social media works today. 370 more words

Books For The Internet Age

What are dreams really?

I hate dreams. They freak my out. Last night I dreamed about Elmer’s deceased aunt and dad and I really don’t know why. It’s the second time now. 86 more words

Ghost Skeptic

If she had to describe herself in terms of beliefs it had to be as a skeptic. Ghost, aliens, and all those other tropes of the paranormal were far-fetched in her mind to say the least. 837 more words


Review: Dead People by J.G. Mesa

Dead People by J.G. Mesa reads more like the Handbook for the Recently Deceased than a novel. If you ever wanted to read a book from a ghost’s perspective, this is it. 434 more words


Dream Sequence, Part 3

My dad didn’t leave. He didn’t die. But there were things in our woods that wanted to hurt us, so we moved. We lived in every backwoods, or back road clump of trees, we could find. 372 more words


Post the Hundred and Second: The Reverend Doctor's Holiday Cocktail Guide

Have you been watching the news lately, Gentle Reader? Do you live in the U.S.A.? Are you preparing to meet with your relatives in the next several weeks for the holidays? 755 more words