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Hello Guys

Hope all is well. I have been working hard on Spilt blood and the stuff for the Halloween event hosted by my fellow authors at… 151 more words

Current And Active Works

Dead People, Reapers, and Sixes: Chapter 2

It’s darker than I expected and there’s a moment—brief, but strong—that I hope the portal will open back up again and allow me to return to that horrid waiting room. 2,999 more words

Holly M. Campbell

'La Bamba' Actress Elizabeth Peña Has Died At The Age Of 55

I swear the coffee shop where I’m working just started playing “Sleepwalk” right when I started writing this post, a song I’ll always associate with the funeral scene in… 281 more words

Film Drunk

Check Out The Trailer For Robin Williams' Posthumous Christmas Movie

I always thought of Robin Williams more as such a good actor that he could do comedy than as a comedian, and I’m really hoping he can go out on a performance as good as… 190 more words

Film Drunk

The Travesty of Libraries

Last night, I saved a book: “Everything and Nothing” by Jorge Louis Borges. He was a prolific writer in the 1960s, a South American Essayist and Short Story literary celebrity who spoke several languages and was literate in a majority of stories in an array of foreign dialects. 711 more words


Bones, summary


Airs Thursdays 8/7c on FOX

Currently on: Season 10 (other seasons not necessarily needed)

Characters: Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, Agent Seeley Booth, … 515 more words

The Nightmare Before Halloween

I hear it every year (from the friends I’m entirely making up for the purposes of this post): “Ugh, store-bought Halloween costumes are just so darn expensive!” 272 more words

Holiday Horrors