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Hip hop's true roots in the poetry of protest: Immortal Technique

Those who feel contempt for the hip hop scene tend to know very little about its revolutionary origins and what it really is about. Anything you hear on commercial radio, any videos you see on MTV pertaining to be ‘hip hop’, are nothing but weak, watered down versions of the genre. 560 more words

7 Ways to Eat Good on a Hood Budget by Stic of Dead Prez

I loved this amazing article written by a very influential and intelligent artist. Stic leads the Hip Hop group Dead Prez, one of the most inspirational groups of our time. 2,128 more words

On Motivation, Music, and Productivity:

I only work in silence when and if I absolutely have to. It doesn’t really matter too much to me what kind of sound is happening in the room, but I cannot work productively in absolute silence; background sound– specifically music– tends to center my thoughts and focus my mind. 577 more words


Day 1 Radio | stic.man of dead prez [5/22]

I’m late. Forgive me. LOL. Been moving around a bit. Still, I’d be remiss not to put you guys on to the Day 1 episode where… 102 more words

Day 1 Radio